Department of Internal Audit and Compliance

Best Practices Consulting

Best practices are simply the best way to perform a business process. They are the means leading universities employ to achieve optimal performance, and they serve as operational and management benchmarks for other universities striving for performance excellence.  

Best practices are not, however, the definitive answer to a business problem. Instead, they are a source of creative insight for improving your business. By adapting best practices to your specific needs with a customized solution, you can dramatically affect your business function’s performance and achieve higher levels of cost savings, reduced time-on-task, and product quality, all of which translate to higher revenue. 

UT Internal Audit researches the managerial and operational practices of universities and corporations to identify initiatives that we believe have reached the status of "best practice." We begin with our internal expertise and then research extensively in the academic, business, and research communities. Our research helps expand our knowledge of best practices and learn more about innovative approaches to performance improvement.  

We consider an initiative to be a best practice when we find a pattern of change under way that might lead UT to new levels of efficiency and success. Measurable proof of that success is a key indicator that it truly is a best practice. 


Last Updated: 1/3/23