Office of the Provost

2005 Winner

Dr. Patrick McGuire

Dr. Patrick McGuire, the outgoing director of the Urban Affairs Center, was award the first Edith Rathbun Award for Excellence in Outreach and Engagement. Throughout the six years of his directorship of the Urban Affairs Center, Dr. McGuire's collaborative style and commitment to community engagement contributed to The University's overall mission and to expanding the Center's mission to enhance the quality of life in our Northwest Ohio region. 

Since 1999, The UAC has successfully connected resources from the Urban Affairs Center, the University of Toledo, the Ohio Urban University Program, and community partners in order to identify the issues, needs, and problems facing our urban community and to conduct research, inform discussion, and develop solutions.  Nominators stated McGuire's "record of exceptional community outreach and excellence and engaged scholarship make him a worthy nominee."

Under Dr. McGuire's leadership, the Urban Affairs Center strengthened and expanded its overall budget by 150%, doubled its grant funding and increased its foundation-based donations.

The Center also promoted, supported, and/or facilitated both locally relevant and nationally recognized scholarly and applied research in the areas of Community Preservation and Enhancement, Urban and Regional Planning, Economic Development, and Urban Education.

Under Dr. McGuire's leadership, the center also forged and strengthened collaborative partnerships with local, state, and federal governments; community organizations and institutions; local citizens; and others interested in strengthening Toledo's urban region. 

The UAC expanded the distribution of their research findings, data, and recommendations to national, state, and local policy makers and citizens to help them more effectively address neighborhood, urban, and regional issues reports and other publications. This was largely achieved through the UAC's award-winning website.

Dr. McGuire also provided leadership in extending technical assistance to local governments, community organizations, and others interested in strengthening Toledo's urban region.

Lastly, under his directorship, the Urban Affairs Center strengthened and expanded its relationships with UT's faculty, departments and centers. Specifically, the number of faculty researchers engaged in UAC facilitated research has increased three-fold and UAC participation in UT community outreach and engagement activities has expanded.

Last Updated: 6/27/22