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Placement Testing for the College of Arts and Letters


Math Placement

  • Economics MajorsALEKS Placement should be taken (1) by students who did not complete Algebra I and II in high school and (2) by students with Math ACT below 22 or Math SAT below 520 (New SAT below 550). 
  • Psychology MajorsALEKS Placement is required for students with Math ACT below 20 or Math SAT below 480 (New SAT below 510).
  • All other Arts and Letters MajorsNo Mathematics placement test is required.

*Math Placement Tests:  All students requiring a Math placement test are strongly advised to take the on-line ALEKS placement to insure appropriate Math enrollment. ALEKS provides up to six months of online tutorials to improve your knowledge and two opportunities to retake the test to improve your placement. Students can complete the tutorials and test from any computer in any location. If the end result is a higher math placement, ALEKS is well worth the nominal cost. New students are encouraged to plan ahead and allow adequate time to complete the ALEKS process in order to have final ALEKS test scores prior to their registered Rocket Launch Orientation dates. 

Login HERE to take your ALEKS Math Placement Test (if necessary- see above).

Chemistry Placement

  • All Arts and Letters Majors - No Chemistry placement test is required (unless you are a Pre-Med/Vet/Dent student and have taken high school chemistry).

Foreign Language Placement

  • All Arts and Letters Majors - FOREIGN LANGUAGE PLACEMENT TEST is recommended for students who have studied two or more years of the same language in high school and intend to use this language to meet a foreign language requirement.  Students in these majors have a foreign language requirement.


Last Updated: 8/4/22