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Why are my CITI training courses not showing up in IRB Manager?

Possibility 1: Emails don’t match. 
Step 1: Check your Primary Preferred Email in CITI
CITI training is matched to you via email address.  Often, the email in CITI does not match the one in IRB Manager.

The email that CITI uses can be found in your main profile under the Preferred Email.  NOTE:  This is NOT the email used in your Affiliation record with UT, but the one from your main profile.

Step 2:  Check your IRB Manager Email
The email address that IRB Manager uses can be found by looking at your settings.  Click the personalized link in the upper left corner of IRB Manager here:
Imageof the IRB Manager Personalized Like with the area described highlighted

Then click “My Profile” to see the email address used by IRB Manager (typically your Utoledo email.)

If the email addresses match EXACTLY, then move on to the next possibility.  If they do not, contact an IRB staff member and ask them to update the CITI Alternate address in your IRB Manager profile to match your preferred CITI email address.   Alternatively, you can update your preferred email on CITI to match your UT email to achieve the same result.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IRB Manager DOES NOT consider to be the same as  The match is case-insensitive, but does not allow for UT aliases.  Also, changes made today will not match until the next CITI download at 7AM.

Possibility 2:  Timing. 
CITI training is matched every morning Sunday to Saturday at 7AM. 
If you took the course today, it will appear tomorrow.  Likewise, if you had your CITI Alternate Email address updated today, the match will occur tomorrow morning.  If you logged in for the first time today, your training will match tomorrow morning.

Possibility 3: Wrong courses. 
It is unfortunately common that researchers inadvertently take the wrong course.  The most common mistake is taking an RCR (Responsible Conduct of Research) course instead of the IRB courses.  The RCR courses do not meet the training requirements for conducting human subjects research.

There are two courses that will meet training requirements to conduct human subjects research.  They are named “Biomedical Researchers & Students” and “Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers and Students”.  If you plan to submit ONLY to the Social, Behavioral and Educational (SBE) Board, you should take the “Social-Behavioral-Educational Researchers and Students” course.  However, if you suspect your project may end up with the Biomedical board or that you might do Biomedical research in the future, you should take the “Biomedical Researchers & Students” as it also meets the training requirements for the SBE board.  However, note that the REVERSE is not true.  Taking the SBE course will NOT qualify you to do Biomedical Human Subjects Research.

Also note, both courses have a “Basic” and “Refresher” option.  If you have not yet taken the “Basic” course, start there.  

If in doubt about what course to take, contact your HRPP office staff member and they will be able to assist you.

Possibility 4: Course was taken at another institution and not populated when you affiliated with UToledo.
If you took your IRB training at another institution and then affiliated with UToledo, you will need complete the following steps to insure proper credit for the training,

Step 1: Add the appropriate CITI IRB training to your account. 
You will need to add the BASIC level of either "Biomedical Researchers & Students"  or  "Social-Behavioral-Educational  Researchers & Students"  course to your account.

Step 2: Complete any necessary modules required by UToledo.
Not all IRB training is the same between institutions. Often when training is transferred, there are a few modules that need to be completed to comply with UToledo HRPP training requirements. If you have difficulty adding the required courses or you are not sure what you need to take, you may contact the HRPP office or the UToledo CITI Administrator for assistance.

Last Updated: 12/20/22