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Veterans Glass City Skyway Solar Array Field Demonstration


Source Organization: Ohio Department of Transportation

Contract/Grant Number: 426835
Start date: 2010/3/7; End date: 2012/3/7

Principal Investigators:

Project Management Coordinator
Richard S. Martinko, P.E.
Director, Intermodal Transportation Institute &
         University Transportation Center
The University of Toledo
Phone: 419-530-2541
Fax: 419-530-7246

PI Research
Thomas Stuart, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering
The University of Toledo
Phone: 419-530-8189

PI Construction
John Witte, BSME
Partner and President, Operations and Construction Manager
Advanced Distributed Generation, LLC
Toledo, Ohio
Phone: toll free 877-Solar4u; local 419-530-3792


There are significant amounts of land in the state of Ohio under the control of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), even in urban areas where open space is scarce and energy needs are greatest. Solar energy generation usually requires significant amounts of land and is best suited to areas where energy doesn't have to travel far to access the grid, which is most common in urban areas. Thus, using highway right-of-way in an urban area to investigate the generation of solar energy by ODOT is the next step in moving the solar green initiative forward. The study "Veteran's Glass City Skyway Solar Array Performance Evaluation" will determine the viability of a solar array erected in the I-280 right-of-way near the VGCS in Toledo, Ohio. The electricity generated will be equivalent to the amount needed to light the pylon of the bridge plus additional roadway lighting.  

Specific tasks included the following:

Task 1: Identify problems which are unique to the highway right-of-way project.

Task 2: Provide data that will assist ODOT in the evaluation, selection and procurement of equipment and design, construction and maintenance services for future permanent solar installations within the highway right of way.

Task 3: Document the generation of energy using ODOT highway right-of-way by a solar array including energy output, efficiency, and reliability.

Task 4: Document the site selection

Task 5: Document the procedures associated with the electrical grid connection.

Task 6: Make a cost analysis of the project with recommendations of future investment in similar installations.

Task 7: Create a web site that has real time monitoring.  

The deliverables of the project are:  

1.A final report documenting all of the work performed for this project.

2.A spreadsheet tool that will evaluate the variable factors associated with a solar plan including development, procurement, production and installation.

3.Draft document summarizing the recommendations of contractor pre-qualifications, work types, and specifications for future solar projects.


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