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UTUTC-AE-3: UT Solar Car Team

Focus Area: Alternate Energy


Principal Investigator:

Terry Bigioni
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
The University of Toledo
MS #602
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: 419-530-4095
Fax: 419-530-4033

Project Dates: 12/03/2008 – 09/30/2010; no cost extension to 12/31/2011 

Project Award: FY2009 & FY2011

UT-UTC Designation: UTUTC-AE-3



Through the newly formed student organization, UT Solar Car Team, bright motivated
UT students will design, build and race a solar-powered car in the North American Solar
Challenge. This is a 2400 mile race from Dallas, Texas to Calgary, Alberta to be held the
summer of 2010. The mission of the Challenge is to “promote and celebrate educational
excellence and engineering creativity. Fueled by the spirit of friendly competition and
teamwork, the North American Solar Challenge (NASC) champions the creative
integration of technical and scientific expertise across a rage of exciting disciplines.”
The UT Team will consist of those studying a wide range of subjects including business,
art, science, and engineering. Students from the College of Business will create a
business plan and handle all business related activities including fund raising, marketing,
public relations, accounting functions and the strategic plan for the race. Students from
the Department of Art will design the exterior of the solar car. Engineering, physics and
chemistry students will design the operating system. All involved will help in building
and testing.

The University of Toledo with its top rated colleges in Engineering and Business and as a
leader in the development of solar energy combines all of the elements that should make
the UT Solar Car Team successful.
The UT-UTC grant will be the seed money to get the UT Solar Car Team project started.

UT-UTC Funding                $20,000

UT Solar Car Team Abstract PDF Symbol   (developed by the student organization Fall 2010) 

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