Recreational Services


How to purchase a daily parking permit:

  2. Visit the website link and click, “Are you a visitor? 
  3. Click, “CREATE ACCOUNT” 
  4. Fill out personal information and account settings.
  5.  Click “SUBMIT” 
  6. You will be redirected to a home page. Hover mouse over “Permits” and click “Purchase Permit”
  7. Select “Daily” and select the correct date for parking then hit “NEXT”
  8.  If you have a disability placard. Please email with a picture of your disability placard and registration form for the placard. If not, proceed to the next step.
  9. Click “Add” input your vehicle information, check the box next to your vehicle(s) before selecting “Next”
  10. Select if you wish to receive parking updates via text.
  11. Select the box, stating you have read UT Parking rules and regulations. 
  12. Select the box, stating you have read payment method options. 
  13. Review parking date and vehicle information is correct.
  14. Select “Checkout” and pay for parking permit. 
Last Updated: 10/6/22