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Supplemental Instruction

group of students working together in a biology SI sessionSupplemental Instruction, also know as SI, is a learning program designed to help students succeed in entry-level, academically demanding courses. We focus on improving student confidence and performance.

SI is open to students enrolled in the course offering supplemental instruction and is available at no extra cost to the students. SI sessions are announced during class at the beginning of each semester. 

SI adds an extra dimension to learning by providing trained peer facilitators who work with students in group contexts inside and outside of the classroom.

Supplemental Instruction Benefits:

  • two students working together in a math SI sessionOpportunity to discuss course material in small groups with other students from the class
  • Earn a better grade in the course
  • Reinforces what is taught during the class lecture
  • Discussion led by UT students who have taken the course, who are recommended by the faculty, and who work with students to develop effective learning techniques
  • Experience a friendly atmosphere that supports sharing and learning

Spring 2015 Supplemental Instruction Schedule 

Courses with Supplemental Instruction Sessions:

At least three one-hour study sessions are scheduled for students' convenience each week during the semester.

BIOL 2150       BIOL 2170       CHEM 1090       CHEM 1120
CHEM 1240   CHEM 2420   KINE 2560   KINE 2570


What students say about Supplemental Instruction

Myths about Supplemental Instruction




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