UT Band Program

Submitting Woodwind or Brass RMB Audition via YouTube

Directions for recording/submitting your video audition:

    1. Complete the online "Intent to March" form.
    2. Find a quiet room without extraneous noise.
    3. Use your cell phone, tablet, or other video camera.
    4. When recording:
      • State your name and graduating high school, city, and state.
      • State the excerpt you are performing.
      • Record your performance of the required parts of the audition (all scales, songs, and optional excerpt).  Feel free to record multiple takes to get your best performances.
      • You may upload each video independently, or use video editing software to combine your videos into one complete audition video.
    5. When uploading:
      • Title each video with your name and the name of the excerpt you are playing.
      • Upload as an "Unlisted" file so the video can be viewed, but will not be publicly searchable to the internet (only people with a link can view).
    6. Submit your audition by sending an email to andrew.rhodes@utoledo.edu, containing all your current contact information and video links.

Contact the Rocket Marching Band before submitting your audition!
Email: andrew.rhodes@utoledo.edu  Phone: 419.530.2217 

Last Updated: 6/9/16