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Mike Sharkey - Instock Manager (

Mike Sharkey

“I work with really smart, extremely sharp business people, a lot of people with MBAs from well-known schools (Northwestern, Berkley, Harvard, etc.). I really do feel that I am "running with the big dogs" and that I was well prepared for it. While the College of Business and Innovation certainly taught me the fundamentals of business as well as any world class business program would, I was also exposed to many advanced concepts which are absolutely necessary to succeed in a business career. Programs such as the Student Managed Portfolio helped me to learn the critical skills that are necessary in business which you won't find in any classroom. 

COBI was instrumental in helping me find a job. I attended multiple job fairs and secured interviews with several potential employers. Throughout the process, the job placement team and the COBI staff worked closely with me to help me refine my resume and interview skills and also helped me to make the best decision possible when it came time to accept a job offer. 

I believed that COBI offered me the best opportunity to succeed after I graduated.”

Last Updated: 11/3/16