College of Business and Innovation

Wenchao Li - Corporate Finance Intern (Libbey, Inc.)

Wenchau Li

"In January, 2014 I joined Libbey, Inc. as a Corporate Finance Intern. During my internship I worked on developing business analytics information, creating several dashboards for executives; assisting the audit process by tracing the internal audit reports; and I was responsible  for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act footnote testing (pension, other income) for the company's Annual Report.

It’s hard to pick the part that I enjoyed the most about my internship because I really enjoyed every day that I was with Libbey:  the working environment , the culture , and the nice people that I have  worked with during my internship.

During my internship I gained a lot of knowledge within the accounting-finance area. I also had the opportunity to network with professionals and build life-long relationships. This internship helped me find my strengths and weaknesses, and it also gave me the opportunity to practice the knowledge I learned from the classroom, as it provided me some hands-on, real world experiences. Having this internship will definitely help me to achieve my personal career goals.

My recruiting process started with the fall 2013 COBI Job Fair where I had the chance to talk with the recruiter face-to-face. The soft skills that I have gained from previous mock interviews really helped me to succeed during the real interviews with Libbey Inc. I would like to thank the UT College of Business and Innovation, and thank the COBI Business Career Program for holding this great event on campus.

I selected The University of Toledo because it has a very pretty campus and I was awarded the International Rocket Award scholarship and the Charles A. Sullivan Scholarship, which really attracted my interest.

I was a foreign exchange student studying in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and I took several accounting classes which helped me to choose my major (Accounting & Finance) in the College of Business and Innovation. The department of accounting at UT offers a variety of courses in financial accounting, auditing, and taxation which will help me to sit for the CPA exam in the future.

I would strongly encourage future “Rockets” to choose to study business at UT COBI. COBI offers great programs, the best faculty team and the advanced resources/technologies for all students.  The professors are always willing to help you, whether it’s about course work or future career paths, the Business Career Program helps students to learn, to grow, and to succeed. By attending the Job Fair, going to the power network, signing up for mock interviews, you will be well prepared for the business market. Being part of UT COBI is the best decision that I have ever made!"

Last Updated: 11/3/16