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Deniz Erbulut

Deniz ErbulutResearch Assistant Professor
Research Areas: Orthopedic Biomechanics, Computer Aided Design
Office: 1200 PL 




Recent Courses
BIOE 4710 & 5710

Research Interests
Orthopedic Biomechanics
Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Deniz Erbulut received the Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Melbourne, Australia, in 2010. He is currently a research assistant professor in Bioengineering Department at the University of Toledo and previously held faculty positions in Turkey. His main research interests are in orthopedic biomechanics, and spinal/orteopedic implant development.

Recent Publications

  1. D.U. Erbulut, S. Keles, A. Fahir Ozer, Vijay K. Goel, 2014, “Pedicle Screw”, US Utility Patent Application No:14/773,714, 2016. European Union Patent Application, No: EP16190409.9-1501, 2016
  2. D.U. Erbulut, A. Fahir Ozer “Koc University”, 2012, “Cervical Total Disc Prosthesis”, European Patent No: WO 2013/132028 A1. Spain Patent No: E13711363-2016. France Patent No: EP2822510-2015-01-14.A1. Italia Patent No:  EP 2822510-2016
  3. D.U. Erbulut, A. Fahir Ozer, Vijay K. Goel, Suleyman Keles " Double Headed Screw " USPTO Notice Of Publication Of Application No: US 2017/0172628 A1, 2017 – Europe Patent Application No: 15383021 , 2016.

Recent Journal Articles:

  1. Ali Fahir Ozer, Tunc Oktenoglu, Emrah Egemen, Mehdi Sasani, Atilla Yilmaz, Deniz Ufuk Erbulut, Onur Yaman, Tuncer Suzer., Lumbar Single-Level Dynamic Stabilization with Semi-Rigid and Full Dynamic Systems: A Retrospective Clinical and Radiological Analysis of 71 Patients, JClinics in orthopedic surgery.2017 9(3):310-316
  2. Zafarparandeh I, DU. Erbulut Ozer Ali F., Influence of three-dimensional reconstruction method for building a model of the cervical spine on its biomechanical responses: a finite element analysis study, Advances in Mechanical Engineering. 2016 8(3)
  3. Zafarparandeh I, D.U. Erbulut, Ozer Ali F., Motion analysis study on sensitivity of finite element model of the cervical spine to geometry, Journal of Engineering in Medicine.2016 230(7):700-706
  4. D.U. Erbulut, C.R. Hassan, I. Zafarparandah, A.F. Ozer, " Biomechanical effect of an interspinous device on the implanted and adjacent lumbar spinal segments: a finite element study" The Journal of Neurosurgery:Spine , 2015 Aug;23(2):200-8
  5. D.U. Erbulut, T. Oktenoglu, V. K. Goel, A. F. Ozer, Ismail Lazoglu " Pedicle screw-based posterior dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine: in vitro cadaver investigation and a finite element study" Computer Methods in Biomech and Biomedical Engineering, 2015 Aug;18(11):1252-1261
  6. D.U. Erbulut, I. Zafarparandah, I. Lazoglu, A.F. Ozer, " Application of an asymmetric finite element model of the C2-T1 cervical spine in evaluating the role of soft tissues in stability" Medical Engineering and Physics, 2014 36(7):915-21.
  7. D.U. Erbulut, T. Oktenoglu, I. Lazoglu, V. K. Goel, A. F. Ozer, " Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine with a Posterior Dynamic Instrumentation with Low Stiff Rod and Hinged Screw: A Computational Study" Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 2014 136(5):051007 (doi: 10.1115/1.4027060)
  8. AF Ozer, T Suzer, P Cezayirli, D.U. Erbulut, “Evaluating Lumbar Disc Herniation and Other otion Segment Pathologies from the Window of Dynamic Stabilization Systems.” J Spine Neurosurg S2. 2014: 6(2) doi:10.4172/2325-9701.S2-001


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