Office of Financial Aid

Verification/Database Matches

The Department of Education uses a system of edits to select student financial aid applications for verification. This process involves the collection of additional supporting documentation to compare and correct inaccurate information that may have been supplied on the financial aid application. Students whose applications are selected for verification will be notified by the Student Financial Aid Office and informed of any additional documentation/forms that must be completed. Once the verification process is completed, any necessary changes will be made and the student's expected contribution will be recalculated. The Student Financial Aid Office will notify the student in writing of the results of the verification process and of any changes to his/her eligibility.

In addition to the verification process, all student financial aid applications are compared with other databases to ensure accurate information and to flag potential problems. The matches include the Selective Service Agency files, Immigration and Naturalization files, Social Security Administration files and the National Student Loan Database System (NSLDS). Errors or problems are indicated on the student's Student Aid Report and must be resolved prior to the disbursement of any federal funds. The Student Financial Aid Office will notify students of any database match problems and the process to resolve them.
Last Updated: 1/12/17