Master of Public Health Program

MPH Admissions

International Student Admissions, follow this link. 
Medical Residents and Fellows at UTMC, follow this link.

Admissions for Students Graduating from US Institutions
Admission Dates
The MPH program accepts students for Fall and Spring semesters. The College of Graduate Studies and the MPH Admissions Committee must have enough time to process and review applications prior to the start of the semester. You are encouraged to apply at any time. If you are unsure that your application can be processed in time for the start of a semester, email  or call 419-383-5356.

Requirements for MPH and Graduate Certificate Admission
These requirements apply to all applicants (MPH and Graduate Certificate, except where noted) except those who are current medical residents and fellows in medical specialties.

1.  Degree: An earned bachelor degree from a US accredited college or university

2.  Grade-Point Average (GPA)
     a. Regular Admission: GPA greater than or equal to 3.0 (on 4.0 scale) required for MPH and Graduate Certificate
     b. Provisional Admission: greater than or equal to 2.7 GPA but less than 3.0 required for MPH and for Graduate Certificate.
         i. Provisionally admitted MPH students must take 4 courses (12 semester credit hours) and earn no grade lower than a B (3.0).               
        ii. Provisionally admitted students request a change of status to Regular admission by contacting the MPH Program Director at the University of Toledo.   
       iii.  NOTE: Federal financial aid is not available for provisionally admitted students or graduate certificate students. 
3. Foundation Courses for MPH and Certificate Students
    a.  All Students:  College-level mathematics and social sciences 
    b.  MPH- Environmental and Occupational Health (ENVH) majors: Biological science (e.g., biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, etc.) and organic/inorganic chemistry.
    c.  MPH- Public Health Epidemiology (PHEP) and Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology (EPID) or Epidemiology and Biostatistics (BIEP):  Biological sciences (e.g., biology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, etc.  

4.  Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
     a.  Not required for MPH and Graduate Certificate applicants graduating from an accredited US institution with a GPA greater than or equal 3.0.
     b.  REQUIRED for all MPH and Graduate Certificate applicants with GPAs less than 2.7.
     c. Test results must be sent to the University of Toledo, College of Graduate Studies (Institution Code #1845).

5.  Official Transcripts
 a.  MPH and Graduate Certificate applicants must submit official transcripts from ALL institutions where any undergraduate or other courses, including any graduate degrees, were taken.
      b.  Transcripts must be sent to: 
           College of Graduate Studies 
           University of Toledo 
           2801 West Bancroft Street MS 933
           Toledo, OH 43606    
      c.   Transcripts may be emailed by the issuing institution or third party provider to:

6.  Letters of Recommendation
a.  Three letters of recommendation are required for MPH
               i.  For MPH, two of these three letters MUST be from someone having a graduate degree and the credentials of the writer must be included in the recommendation letter. 
      b.  Two letters required for Graduate Certificate
      c.  Letters of recommendation can be requested and submitted online before the application is submitted.
      d.  Paper letters of recommendation must be sent to:
              College of Graduate Studies 
              University of Toledo 
              2810 West Bancroft Street  MS 933
              Toledo, OH 43606
      e. Letters may be emailed to

7.  Resume
a.  A current resume can be uploaded online before or after the application has been submitted. 
     b.  Paper resumes must be sent to: 
          College of Graduate Studies 
          University of Toledo
          2801 West Bancroft Street  MS 933
          Toledo, OH 43606
     c.  Resumes may be emailed to     

8.  Personal Statement
 a.  A personal statement indicating why the applicant wants to pursue the Master of Public Health degree program or a Graduate Certificate can be uploaded online before or after the application has been submitted. 
     b.  Paper personal statements need to be sent to:
              College of Graduate Studies 
              University of Toledo
              2801 West Bancroft Street   MS 933
              Toledo, OH 43606
     c.  Statements may be emailed to           

9.  Application fees for MPH and Graduate Certificates
        a.  Domestic applicants: $45; 

10.  Apply here

11.  All applications are to be submitted electronically through the provided link. For questions about completing this process, or problems with the online application interface, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at 419-530-4723.


Last Updated: 4/23/18