Master of Public Health Program

MPH Major - Generalist (GENL) Available Spring 2019

The Generalist MPH degree program was designed for students that want to have an array of knowledge within the field of public health. The range in viewpoints for this degree program is what makes this program great for students that wish to pursue careers in public health specific fields or in positions that blend the characteristics of public health with other fields such as Business, Medicine, or Sociology.

The Generalist (GENL) major offers a general overview of public health and factors effecting communication, data, policy and general health and safety of populations. GENL majors will take additional courses in statistics, epidemiology, health promotion, evaluation of programs and occupational health.

The Generalist major cannot be combined with another MPH major.

Graduates of the Generalist major will be prepared to do the following:

  • Assess risk factors and evidence for establishing morbidity and mortality problems.
  • Identify evidence-based practices to address a variety of public health problems.
  • Define and calculate measures of disease frequency and measures of association between risk factors and disease.
  • Develop a process for evaluating a public health program.
  • Make administrative decisions based on recommended measures to reduce or eliminate environmental and occupational health hazards.


Last Updated: 7/12/18