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Welcome to The University of Toledo Police Homepage

Welcome to The University of Toledo Police Department (UTPD) website. We have designed the website to deliver the latest safety and security information to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Please spend some time educating yourself on safe choices and best practices and let us know how we are doing. Thanks for visiting our website and for other UTPD safety information please visit us on our Facebook site and follow us on Twitter.

If you are looking for fingerprinting, background checks, or key control, please contact Support Services.

Latest News

UTPD Community Education and Outreach Programs Continue
By Tressa S. Johnson, Administrative Lieutenant 

The Office of Public Safety Day, Pizza with Police, Self Defense & Personal Safety, and ALiCE programs are among a few events UTPD has launched for fall semester 2017 and continuing into 2018. A complete listing of times, dates, and locations are listed for each respective event. Click on the links below for the programs being offered:

Office of Public Safety Day
Pizza with Police
Self Defense & Personal Safety

UTPD Announces Educational Resources for Violent Intruder Encounters
By UTPD Staff 

In light of recent violent intruder events around the country, the UTPD has received inquiries from the campus community on educational resources available for personal preparedness. For the past several years now the UTPD has offered hands-on training in this area for community members with a program called "ALiCE." ALiCE, an acronym which stands for - ALERT LOCKDOWN INFORM COUNTER EVACUATE - is designed to teach the student how to be a participant in his/her survival in a violent intruder encounter. Similarly, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also offers online training and resources in active shooter preparedness. The training entitled "Active Shooter Preparedness: Run.Hide.Fight" teaches the student how to respond when an active shooter (or violent intruder) is in his/her personal vicinity.

"In the event of an actual violent intruder encounter, UTPD will communicate the words 'Run, Hide, Fight' in the UT Alert message" said Deputy Chief Rodney Theis. "When you see that verbiage it will remind the student to revert back to their training in either ALiCE and/or DHS training on how best to respond" he added. DHS training and other resources are available at the below listed links. 

Active Shooter Preparedness Web Site (DHS): 

Options for Consideration - Active Shooter Training Video (DHS)

Active Shooter Preparedness Pocket Card (DHS)

ALiCE Upcoming Training Events Calendar (UTPD)


Last Updated: 8/8/17