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Welcome to The University of Toledo Police Department (UTPD) website. We have designed the website to deliver the latest safety and security information to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Please spend some time educating yourself on safe choices and best practices and let us know how we are doing. Thanks for visiting our website and for other UTPD safety information please visit us on our facebook site.


Latest News

UTPD Announces ALiCE Training Dates 

UTPD will be hosting several open ALiCE training sessions. ALiCE (Alert, Lockdown, inform, Counter, Evacuate) is training designed to teach preparation and planning in the event of a violent intruder. The goal of this training is to maximize survival skills and minimize chaos, panic, and fear. Each session is approximately 1 1/2 hours in duration. CLICK HERE for a complete listing of ALiCE training dates/times.


UTPD Releases the 2015 Annual Police Operations Report for 2014

Unlike the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, UTPD also publishes an 'Annual Police Operations' report which focuses on content from the previous calendar year including: Demographics; an organizational chart; command structure and personnel assignments; accomplishments; commendations; overviews and statistics from the various departmental units; community oriented policing (COP) and educational outreach; special event statistics; training and professional standards; images in review; and resource links. To see the report, CLICK HERE to visit the report for 2014.  


Vehicle Break-In Prevention Safety Tips 

Increases in crimes such as vehicle break-ins often correspond with warming weather.  The University of Toledo Police Department and the Toledo Police Department are urging students to take precautions to combat thefts from motor vehicles: 

• Keep vehicle doors locked.
• Keep windows rolled-up.
• Leave nothing of value in your car.
• If you have to leave an item of value in your car, make sure it is not in view.
• Play music at a reasonable level. Loud music draws unnecessary attention to high-end or upgraded stereo systems. Your vehicle will be targeted.

Please follow these tips and keep your property safe, whether on campus or off campus.  Be a responsible member of the community. If you see someone suspicious, or have information on a crime, please report it to the police. 

Any crime in progress:
Off campus 9-1-1
On campus 419.530.2600
Remember: See it, hear it, report it!


Crime and Community Awareness Bulletins

UT Police has introduced a pair of reporting tools symbolic of the UTPD's committment to providing information about reported crime in the area.

Community Awareness Bulletins consist of reports from citizens and other law enforcement agencies about off campus incidents. The information contained in these bulletins is subject to change as facts and circumstances arise. They are in no way is this communication intended to be a comprehensive record of all reported off campus incidents.

Crime Awareness Bulletins are intended to educate the campus community on crime trends that may impact them or the institution. They are also used to seek the assistance of the campus community in identifying suspects or individuals involved in crimes.  


Residence Hall Security

The University of Toledo Police Department would like to remind students to be vigilant concerning the security of the residence halls.  Remember, your residence hall is your home.  Never leave doors to the building propped open. Never allow an unknown person or persons to enter.  Never let anyone into your suite who you do not know.  Suite doors should always remain locked, even when you are there.

Itis illegal to enter another person’s suite uninvited.  Individuals who enter a room uninvited may appear to be social or lost but actually may be looking for opportunities to commit crimes.  Please report any suspicious incidents immediately to the University of Toledo Police Department at 419.530.2600.



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