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American Occupational Therapy Foundation (AOTF): The AOTF sponsors scholarships for students who are student members of the American Occupational Therapy Association. Applications are available from the AOTF.

George Isaac, Jr. Scholarship:  Provides a scholarship to a student in the third year of the program.

OT Bookstore Awards: These awards are provided by the Occupational Therapy Program.

Stephen L. Heater Scholarship: Honors Dr. Heater, a founder of the occupational therapy program.  Administered by the UT Alumni Association.

Tuition Scholarships: We anticipate that each year several tuition scholarships will be available to students who demonstrate the greatest potential for realizing the program's four major goals.

UTHSC Satellites Scholarship: The Satellites are a volunteer organization that raises money for the educational and research missions of the institution.


Last Updated: 7/25/17