University Email Accounts

Email System

Wecurrently support and maintain a central Microsoft Exchange based email system for current Faculty, Staff & Students.  This email system supports multiple types of email clients including Outlook (native exchange client), some mobile devices and OWA (Outlook Web Access).  The preferred clients would be outlook when on campus and OWA from off campus.  You can securely access OWA at and while it works with most modern web browsers, Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for the best experience. 


Mailman is a list serv server for handling lists that primarily have a lot of external email addresses.

The directory of public lists is available by visiting

Outlook Email Anti-Spam system

You can check your quarantined spam mail on the web at .  At this web site you have the ability to control your spam filter and release anything that may have been marked as spam and quarantined. 

Mobile Devices

Wecurrently support the use of several types of mobile devices to connect to the exchange email system.  These include windows mobile based devices and blackberry’s.  Both of these devices have security policies associated with using them to help keep any data secure.  You can view the Mobile Device policy at this link Mobile Device Policy and the instruction for setting up a windows mobile based device here WINDOWS MOBILE CONFIGURATION.  If you need help setting up a palm based device you will need to visit the palm support web site for instructions based on your specific device.

Server Settings for POP clients:

  • POP Server (names that will work include) (preferred)
  • SMTP Server (names that will work include) (preferred)
Last Updated: 12/9/15