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Fellowship Programs - Nephrology

Clinical Facilities - Inpatient

The University of Toledo and the University Medical Center form the nucleus of the teaching experience in Nephrology. Begun in 1964 the Medical Center campus is one of ever constant growth. Presently the Medical Center has 319 beds including 11 Intensive Care/Coronary Care beds and a 6 chair inpatient dialysis center. The University of Toledo has a very active renal transplantation service performing approximately fifty transplants per year. The care of these patients is a joint venture between the Division of Urology and the Division of Nephrology.

Clinical Facilities - Outpatient

Outpatients are seen in the clinical offices of the Nephrology Division in the Health Center at the University of Toledo. In addition, further outpatient exposure is available in the private practice office of a member of the voluntary faculty of the College. Fellows will function as a junior member of the practice. Outpatient dialysis therapy, including Center hemodialysis and CAPD training, is provided at the nearby dialysis facility of the Greenfield Health Systems Corporation, located five minutes from the main campus. This is a State of the Art dialysis facility which serves approximately 142 patients.

Research facilities

The Nephrology Division has 1,004 square feet of research laboratory space located in the Health Education Building. In addition, research experience will be provided for collaboration with members of the Division of Endocrinology in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Physiology.

Members of the Nephrology Faculty
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