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Resident Research Projects and Publications


Increasing Patient Safety With Neonates Via Handoff Communication During Delivery: A Call for Interprofessional Health Care Team Training Across GME and CME. Vanderbilt AA, Pappada SM, Stein H, Harper D, Papadimos TJ. Adv Med EDuc Pract 2017 Jun 7;8:365-367. Doi: 10.2147/AMEP.S129674. eCollection 2017.

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A 26-Hour System of Highly Sensitive Whole Genome Sequencing for Emergency Management of Genetic Diseases

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Annual Research Day

June 15, 2017

  • Benjamin Adebayo, M.D. - Hereditary cancer risk assessment: An essential safety protocol
  • Robert Drenchko, D.O. - Predictive factors of VTE events associated with Pregnancy
  • Jessica Basham, M.D. - Improving provider comfort and knowledge about Sexuality through education
  • Fernando Mariz, M.D. - Comparison of performance of multiple imaging Modalities in breast cancer screening and diagnostic Characterization
  • Helen O'Connell, M.D. - Bringing colposcopy into focus: Establishing a database In a resident clinic
  • Ifeanyi Opoku, M.D. - The effect of decreased opioid prescribing on patient Satisfaction following primary cesarean section. QI project update: Scheduled appointments prior to discharge A simple initiative to improve postpartum follow-up rates
  • Lauren Regueyra, M.D. - Simulation and long term knowledge retention of obstetrical Emergencie
  • Jehanna Erho, M.D. - Assessment of the psychological factors related to menopause
  • Kellen Goldschmidt, M.D. - Evaluation of adherence to HPV vaccination guidelines
  • Alesha (Prior) Roach, M.D. - Effect of storing penicillin for GBS prophylaxis on labor and Delivery
  • Emily Slutsky, M.D. - Multidisciplinary approach to long-term management of women with gestational diabetes


  • Bibiancy Gutierrez, M.D. – BRCA 1 and BRAC 2 germline mutations: high grad serous histology alone does not accurately predict in whom mutations should be sought
  • Katie Litt, M.D. – Comparison of a locally developed curriculum to a nationally developed curriculum
  • David Podboy, M.D. – Colposcopic impression and pathology among residents: Strength of the clinical correlation


  • Arminee Apoian, M.D. – Appropriate Tumor Markers for Premenopausal Women with an Ovarian Mass: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  • Hahn Cottrell, M.D. – Serum Sex Hormone Binding Globulin Levels as a Predictor for Developing Gestational diabetes
  • Shannon Connole, D.O. – Cost Effectiveness of Routine Type and Screen for Patients Undergoing Cesarean Section and Vaginal Delivery
  • Stephanie Evanson, M.D. – Decreased rate of endometritis with extended spectrum antibiotics at the time of cesarean delivery: a cost effective analysis


  • Eleonora Cekova, M.D. – Delta Storage Pool Deficiency in Pregnancy
  • Megan Lutz, M.D. – The Relationship Between HPV in the Cervix and Oropharynx
  • Adam Walter, M.D. – Induction of Labor vs Primary Elective C-Section: A cost effective analysis


  • Marwan Ali, M.D. – Insulin Levels at the 28 week GCT and the associated Perinatal Outcomes
  • Chao Li, M.D. – Comparison of management for pregnant women with Delta Storage Pool Deficiency during labor and delivery: a pilot study         
  • Emad Mikhail, M.D. – Comparison of Changes of Uterine Corps Staging in Early Stage Patients with Endometrioid Adenocarcinoma of the Endometrium
  • Seema Nayak, M.D. – Is Peritoneal Fluid helpful to diagnose ovarian cancer?
  • Rachana Sutaria, M.D. – Patient characteristics associated with higher analgesic requirements during oocyte retrieval


Last Updated: 10/3/17