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Attending: Drs. Nabil Ebraheim & Christopher Sanford

Focus: Under the guidance of the highly published surgeon and Chairman of the department Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, residents will acquire extensive training in trauma orthopedics. This includes initial evaluation, injury identification, imaging, early and late treatment, and post-operative rehabilitation of complex traumatic injuries. A resident will become proficient in “damage control orthopedics” and perform complicated reconstructive procedures for bone and soft tissue injuries. As part of a level 1 trauma center, residents also have the opportunity to work with other high level physicians and surgeons from the emergency room, general surgery, vascular, plastics, and other specialties. This invaluable education promotes teamwork and communication between professionals. Trauma service in the institution includes motor vehicle accidents, digital re-implantation, and penetrating trauma.

Extras: Sawbone labs, AO Basic and Advanced course, OTA course, orthopaedic curriculum and producers taught in the simulation lab

Hand ClinicHand

Attendings: Drs. Martin Skie & Abdul Mustapha

Focus: The goal of the hand rotation is to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of upper extremity. Residents will acquire significant experience in microsurgery, casting and splinting techniques, and basic operative skills. A resident will procure knowledge to provide a comprehensive evaluation and customized treatment plan for patients. Approximately 80 percent of the rotation will be spent in the George Isaac Minimally Invasive Surgery Center performing carpal tunnel, burton’s arthroplasty, and metacarpal and phalanx fractures on our very busy hand service. 

Extras: Sawbone labs, hand conferences

Sports Medicine

Attendings: Drs. Patrick Siparsky & David Sohn & Jacob Miller

Focus: The Sports Medicine rotation is dedicated to the comprehensive care of athletes of all age groups; ranging from the collegiate athletic to the weekend warrior. Specialty driven care for open and arthroscopic knee, shoulder, and hip surgery is the foundation by which the education for the sports medicine rotation is driven. Residents will learn advanced physical exam, operative, and rehabilitation techniques related to sports medicine.

Extras: Arthroscopy labs, opportunity to participate in High School football coverage, ability to attend sports conferences

Total Joints

Attending: Drs. Daniel Gehling  & Sumon Nandi

Focus: Comprehensive total joint arthroplasty education including: diagnosis, evaluation, management, and surgical reconstruction for various pathologies. Residents will acquire experience in revision reconstruction of both knee and hip arthroplasty.

Extras: Multiple sawbones and other educational sponsored events to learn about arthroplasty and practice skills


Attending: Dr. Hossein Elgafy

Focus: The spine rotation emphasizes a practical approach to the management of operative and non-operative spine pathology. This ranges from younger patients with athletic spondylosis to complex adult reconstruction, with a multitude of different minimally invasive spinal techniques utilized. The resident acquires significant experience through physical examinations, image interpretation, and treatment algorithms used to provide high level spine injury management. Spine trauma is also part of our level 1 trauma designation. The Chairman, Dr. Nabil Ebraheim is also involved in the management of complex spine trauma injuries.

Extras: Excellent training in spine trauma, sponsored educational courses offered.

Foot and Ankle

Attending: Satheesh Ramineni

Focus: As a rapidly growing field in orthopedics, foot and ankle reconstruction and trauma management is a fundamental part of resident education. Reconstructive procedures ranging from hallux valgus to arthrodesis, challenge the resident to appreciate the complex biomechanical and anatomical relationships of the foot and ankle.

Extras: Sawbone labs for foot and ankle trauma

Pediatric Orthopaedics

Shriners’ Attendings: Drs. Henry Iwinski, Scott Riley, Vish Talwalkar, & Janet Walker

Shriners Focus: Shriners Hospitals for Children® in Lexington, Kentucky has been a leader in pediatric orthopedic care since 1922. The diseases and disorders treated at Shriners range from deformities such as clubfoot to genetic diseases. By training in a hospital dedicated to providing medical and rehabilitative services to children our residents become exposed to a great variety of cases during this rotation.

Extras: Pediatric review courses

Orthopaedic Oncology

Attending: Dr. Michael Mott

Focus: As part of comprehensive resident training, musculoskeletal oncology remains a critical part of education. By the completion of training each resident should possess the skills necessary to recognize the common benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors. Similarly this area is focused on heavily in preparation for the OITE and Orthopedic Board Certification exams.

Extras: Thursday Lecture Series and Grand Rounds focused on identification and management of oncological related process, William F. Enneking Musculoskeletal Pathology Seminar


Attendings: Drs. Nabil Ebraheim & Jiayong Liu

Focus: To provide a deeper understanding of the complex nature of the human musculoskeletal system, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of surgical procedures and treatments in the following areas of expertise: trauma / fixation, spinal injuries and disorders, sports medicine, hand and foot disorders, hip and knee replacements. Residents have the opportunity to work closely with faculty in any specialty area of interest. The Department also collaborates with the Bone Biology Lab, which focuses on basic science research. The lab performs a variety of studies to reveal more about human mesenchymal stem cells and the implications of diabetes and bone characteristics.            

Extras: All faculty and residents participate in research, opportunities to present research at courses such as Academy and POSNA

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