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Nanodrop ND 1000 Spectrophotometer (Donated to the department by Prof. Scott Leisner)

Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605) Nanodrop


Real Time PCR




Real Time PCR (Bio-Rad CFX96 Real-time system) Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605) Real Time PCR.jpg yes 

Computer Systems




Departmental Data Backup Computer System

Jason Bolbach---collegecomputing



Departmental GraphPad Prism statistics software computer system (HP Compaq 6000 Pro)

Song-Tao Liu (WO4254, x7857)







flow cytometer- LSRFortessa 3 laser, 8 color

Conti lab--Jackie (WO3235 x7824)

Flow cytometer.jpg


Microscope and related




Departmental Microscope Imaging Processing Computer: Metamorph software; Autoquant Deconvolution software

Song-Tao Liu--having both Metamorph and Autoquant CDs and dongles, Metamorph dongle is on the computer (WO4254, x7857)



Departmental Microscope Imaging Processing Computer: Leica SP8 software (Dell 960 Optiplex)

Tomer Avidor-Reiss--Atul (WO4259, x1992)



Leica SP8 TCS confocal scanning microscope (with 405 nm, 458 nm, 488 nm, 514nm, 561 nm, 633 nm lasers, HyD detectors, resonanant scanner )

Tomer Avidor-Reiss--Atul (WO4259, x1992)

Leica SP8 confocal.jpg





Zeiss Axiophot Fluorscent microscope

John Plenefisch (office WO3256B, x1547)

Zeiss Axiophot fluorescence microscope.jpg


Olympus microscope IX81

Silvia/Rafael Garcia-Mata (Lab BO3090, x1996)

3rd floor Olympus fluorescence microscope.jpg




Digital Imaging System




DigiDoc Digital Camera and UV light box

Crawley lab- Maura (WO 3238, X7891)

WO3242 gel imager.jpg


ChemiDoc -It 2 imager system: good for visible or fluorescence light (Coomassie gel, Western etc. )

Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605)

ChemiDoc imager.jpg


GE Typhoon Trio imager (Western, radioactive etc)

Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605)

typhoon imager.jpg






Sorvall Legend X1R Centrifuge

Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605)

Sorvall Legen X1R.jpg


Beckman J2-21 MI High Speed Centrifuge

Crawley lab- Soo/Maura (WO 3238, X7891)

WO3242 J2-MI



Sorvall RC-5C High Speed centrifuge

Komuniecki lab



Beckman L80 Ultracentrifuge

Tomer Avidor-Reiss--Anthony Cecik (x1992)

Beckman L80 ultracentrifuge.jpg


Beckman Optima L-70K Ultracentrifuge

Leisner lab WO4223-Chris Flora, x1550

WO4223A Beckman L-70



Beckman Avanti J-25i high speed centrifuge

Leisner lab WO4223-Chris Flora, x1550

WO4223A Beckman J251 centrifuge.jpg


tabletop ultracentrifuge

Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605)

tabletop ultracentrifuge TLX.jpg


Water and ICE





Crawley lab- Soo (WO 3238, X7891)

3rd floor icemaker.jpg



Leisner lab WO4223-Chris Flora, x1550

4th floor icemaker.jpg


Millipore Milli-Q water purification system

Crawley lab- Scott (WO 3238, X4159)

MilliQ water.jpg





New Brunswick I2500 refridgerated incubator shaker

Song-Tao Liu--Ejaz (WO4254, x7857)

refridgerated shaker.jpg



Song-Tao Liu-- Ejaz(WO4254, x7857)

WO4254 sonicator (1).jpg


Molecular Devices Spectramax M5 luminometer

Krishnamurthy lab-Praveen (lab WO3213, x4605)

spectramax plate reader.jpg


Beckman LS6000IC Scintillation counter

Bill Taylor (office WO4262B, x1966)

WO3242 liquid scintillation counter.jpg


Department backup -80oC freezer

Song-Tao Liu (WO4254, x7857)









Department contact



Dark Room -WO4216




Film Processor

Song-Tao Liu lab (WO4254, x7857)-Mike or Chris



Cold Rooms




cold room

Conti lab--Joe (WO3235 x7824)



cold room

Conti lab--Joe (WO3235 x7824)



cold room

Guofa Liu (WO4268B, x2869)



Warm Rooms




37 oC warm room with Shaker

Crawley lab- Maura (WO 3238, X7891)

warm room 3241.jpg


Autoclave Rooms




two Autoclaves

John Arnold (WO1213, x4588)/Brianne Gillespie (BO1096H, x4582)




One autoclave

John Arnold (WO1213, x4588)/Brianne Gillespie (BO1096H, x4582)



Liquid Nitrogen/CO2 tanks




third floor

Dong lab-Yaling (WO3257, x1557, liquid nitrogen)//Shemshedini lab (WO3227, x1554, CO2 tanks)

3rd floor liquid nitrogen tank.jpg


fourth floor

Bill Taylor -liquid nitrogen (WO4262B, x1966)



Company on-site service




Fisher fridge/cabinet

Krishnamurthy lab, Krishnamurthy lab has key-see Malathi

Fisher Fridge.jpg



Bio-Rad fridge/cabinet

Krishnamurthy lab, and Shelby Powell (WO3217, x1556)

BioRad fridge.jpg


Genewiz DNA sequencing

Garcia-mata lab--Silvia (BO3090, x1991)



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