The Instrumentation Center



Contributor: Dr. Elizabeth Wise and the Chemistry Department of Lourdes University

About the Display: The display features:

  • A glazed tile from Lourdes University, glazed with Cobalt (II) Carbonate. The pigment appears pink before being used as a glaze
  • A blue tile glazed with cobalt (II) carbonate
  • An image of a mural at Lourdes University featuring several blue glazed tiles similar to the one in the display
  • The back side of a pamphlet about Alverno Studios at Lourdes University where the tiles were created. The front side of the pamphlet can be seen in the chromium display box!

lourdes 1About the Contributor: Lourdes University is a Catholic and Franciscan university located in Sylvania, Ohio. All items in the Cobalt box were donated from the Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences (pictured). 

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Symbol: Co

Atomic Number: 27

Atomic Mass: 58.933195 u

Electron Configuration: [Ar] 3d74s2

Year Discovered: 1735

Discovered By: Georg Brandt

Last Updated: 3/13/17