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Taylor and Tillakaratne

Collaborative research between researchers in Biological Sciences and Medicinal Chemistry uncovers potential cancer drug

Dr. William Taylor (Bio Sci) and Dr. L.M. Viranga Tillekeratne (Med. Chem.), have discovered an entirely new class of cancer-killing agents that show promise in eradicating cancer stem cells as reported in a paper recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.  Find out more here, or read the journal article here.


UToledo Physicists making significant advances in solar cell materials in collaboration with the US DOE's National Renewable Energy Lab

Dr. Yanfa Yan, NSM professor of physics, and members of his team, including Dr. Zhaoning Song (shown above), are making groundbreaking advances in producing higher-efficiency, lower-cost solar cells. Find out more here. Link to the groups recent paper in Science describing the breakthrough here.


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Five students on how science and math programs at UToledo have exceeded their expectations.
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The Tony Quinn We Are STEMM Initiative and the Tony Quinn We Are STEMM Fellowship Fund have been established by the University to honor Dr. Quinn and ensure ongoing support of underrepresented graduate students in STEMM disciplines graduate and professional education and mentoring programs. For more information about donating to the Tony Quinn We Are STEMM Fellowship Fund click here.

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