College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NSM Awards for Excellence

Nominations for academic year 2019-2020 NSM awards for Excellence in Professional Service, Research, and Teaching and for the Outstanding Staff award are now available. 

Outstanding Staff Member

Faculty Member for Excellence in Teaching

Faculty Member for Excellence in Research

Faculty Member for Excellence in Professional Service

For questions please send an email to

Send your completed Nomination Form(s) to:  Pat Padilla @ MS 620 or

Deadline for nominations is March 29, 2020

Excellence in Teaching
2018-19 Scott Lee
2017-18 David Krantz
2016-17 Kevin Gibbs
2015-16 Katherine Fisher
2014-15 Sibylle Weck-Schwarz
2013-14 Todd Crail
2012-13 John Bellizzi
2011-12 John Gray
2010-11 William Von Sigler

Excellence in Research
2018-19 W. Ajith Karunarathne
2017-18 Rafael Garcia-Mata
2016-17 S. Thomas Megeath
2015-16 Song Qian
2014-15 Christine Mayer
2013-14 Song-Tao Liu
2011-12 Jared Anderson

Excellence in Professional Service
2018-19 Scott Lee
2017-18 Daryl Moorhead
2016-17 Geoffrey Martin
2015-16 Mark Camp
2014-15 Friedhelm Schwarz
2103-14 John Plenefisch
2012-13 Johann Gottgens
2011-12 Max Funk

Outstanding Staff Member
2018-19 Yong-Wah Kim
2017-18 Lynda Obee
2016-17 Shirley Michel
2015-16 Carol Hepner
2014-15 Rick Irving
2013-14 Scott McBride
2012-13 Donna Braswell
2011-12 Debra Middleton

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