College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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Groups and Organizations:

Department Chairs and Academic Advisors by department:

Biological Sciences (WO1235)

Dr. Song-Tao Liu
WO 4254B | 419.530.7853

Program Director, Medical Laboratory Science
Lisa Jordan
WO 1235P | 419.530.1901

Associate Chair
Dr. William Taylor
WO 4262B | 419.530.1966

Director, UToledo-Salford Exchange
Dr. Brian Ashburner
WO 2243C | 419.530.7841


Chemistry And Biochemistry

Dr. Steven Sucheck
WO 3276 | 419.530.1504

Associate Chair
Dr. Wei Li
WO 3269 | 419.530.1507


First Year Students (Freshman):
Dr. Jianglong Zhu
WO 3265B | 419.530.1501

Dr. Dragan Isailovic
BO 1086F | 419.530.5523

*Upperclassman Pursuing Departmental Honors:
Dr. John Bellizzi
WO 4203A | 419.530.5926

Dr. Joseph Schmidt
WO 3277 | 419.530.1512

*Students must confer with their honors faculty advisor each academic year to confirm they are making prograss towards the requirements for graduating with honors. Failure to do so will result in honors status (including priority registration).

Upperclassman (non-honors):
B.S. Biochemistry, A-D (last name) and ALL B.A. Biochemistry
Dr. Timoth Mueser
WO 4211B | 419.530.1510

B.S. Biochemistry, E-M (last name)
Dr. Xiche Hu
WO2277 | 419.530.1513

B.S. Biochemistry, N-Z (last name)
Dr. Wei Li
WO 3269 | 419.530.1507

B.S. Chemistry, A-G (last name)
Dr. Joseph Schmidt
WO 3277 | 419.530.1512

B.S. Chemistry, H-Z (last name) and ALL B.A. Chemistry
Dr. Dragan Isailovic
BO 1086F | 419.530.5523

 Advisor f

Environmental Sciences (WO 1235)

Chair and Honors Advisor
Dr. Jonathon Bossenbroek
WO 1235 | 419.530.4595

Advisor for Environmental Sciences (A-J, last name)
Dr. James Martin-Hayden
BO 3051A | 419.530.2634

Advisor for Environmental Sciences (K-R, last name)
Dr. Scott Heckathorn
BO 3001F | 419.530.4328 

Advisor for Environmental Sciences (S-Z, last name)
and program minors
Dr. Timothy Fisher
BO 3049A | 419.530.2009

Associate Chair and
Advisor for Biology - Ecology & Organismal (BIOM)
Dr. Von Sigler
BO 2001B | 419.530.2897

Advisor for Environmental Studies
Dr. Todd Crail
BO 2001E| 419.530.4583

Advisor for Geology
Dr. Richard Becker
BO 3007E| (419)530-4571


Mathematics And Statistics (UH 2040)

Chair and Statistics Advisor
Dr. Geoffrey Martin
UH 2080C | 419.530.2569

Associate Chair
Dr. Ekaterina Shemyakova
UH 2010E | 419.530.3252

Advisor for Actuarial Science
Dr. Zhiwei Chen
UH 4110G | 419.530.4276

Advisor for Data Science Concentration
Dr. Qin Shao
UH 4080C | 419.530.2016

Advisor for Applied Math, Pure Math and Computer Science Concentration
Dr. Seung-Moon Hong
UH 2030J | 419.530.2804

Director, B.S. in Data Science Program
Dr. Bill Kalies
UH 2010F | 419.530.2069


Physics and Astronomy (MH 2017)

Dr. Nikolas Podraza
MH 2025 | 419.530.4905

Advisor for B.A. Physics and B.S. Physics, Applied Physics and Physics Concentration
Dr. Xunming Deng
MH 5002 | 419.530.4782

Advisor for B.S. Physics, Biomedical Physics Concentration
Dr. Aniruddha Ray
MH 4017 | 419.530.4787

Associate Chair
Dr. Rupali Chandar
RO 2050 | 419.530.4957

Advisor for B.A. Astronomy and B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Concentration
Dr. Michael Cushing
RO 1060 | 419.530.2637


Pre-Professional (MED, VET, DENT)

please visit:  Pre-Health Advising Center
Last Updated: 11/15/23