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Groups and Organizations:

Department Chairs and Academic Advisors by department:

Biological Sciences (WO1235)

Dr. Song-Tao Liu
WO 4254B | 419.530.7853

Program Director, Medical Technology
Catherine McCoy
WO 1235P | 419.530.1901

Beth Fowler
WO 1235L | 419.530.7893

Associate Chair
Dr. William Taylor
WO 4262B | 419.530.1966

Director, UToledo-Salford Exchange
Dr. Brian Ashburner
WO 2243C | 419.530.7841


Chemistry And Biochemistry (BO 2022/2024)

Dr. Jon Kirchhoff
BO 2024 | 419.530.1592

  First Year Advisors:

Dr. Jianglong Zhu

WO 3265B | 419.530.1501


Honors Biochemistry and ALL B.A. Biochemistry
Dr. John Bellizzi
WO 4203A | 419.530.5926

B.S. Biochemistry, A-C (last name)
Dr. Timothy Mueser
WO 4211B | 419.530.1510

B.S. Biochemistry, N-Z (last name)
Dr. Wei Li
WO 3269 | 419.530.1507

Associate Chair
Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs
WO 2262 | 419.530.1505



Dr. Dragan Isailovic
BO 1086F | 419.530.5523


Honors Chemistry and B.S. Chemistry, A-G (last name)
Dr. Joseph Schmidt
WO 3277 | 419.530.1512

B.S. Biochemistry, D-M (last name)
Dr. Xiche Hu
WO 2277 | 419.530.1513

ALL B.A. Chemistry and
B.S. Chemistry H-Z (last name)
Dr. Eric Findsen
WO 2278 | 419.530.1506

 Advisor f

Environmental Sciences (WO 1235)

Chair and Honors Advisor
Dr. Jonathon Bossenbroek
WO 1235 | 419.530.4595

Advisor for Environmental Sciences (A-J, last name)
Dr. James Martin-Hayden
BO 3051A | 419.530.2634

Advisor for Environmental Sciences (K-R, last name)
Dr. Scott Heckathorn
BO 3001F | 419.530.4328 

Advisor for Environmental Sciences (S-Z, last name)
and program minors
Dr. Timothy Fisher
BO 3049A | 419.530.2009

Associate Chair and
Advisor for Biology - Ecology & Organismal (BIOM)
Dr. Von Sigler
BO 2001B | 419.530.2897

Advisor for Environmental Studies
Dr. Todd Crail
BO 2001E| 419.530.4583

Advisor for Geology
Dr. Richard Becker
BO 3007E| (419)530-4571


Mathematics And Statistics (UH 2040)

Chair and Statistics Advisor
Dr. Geoffrey Martin
UH 2080C | 419.530.2569

Associate Chair
Dr. Ekaterina Shemyakova
UH 2010E | 419.530.3252

Advisor for Actuarial Science
Dr. Zhiwei Chen
UH 4110G | 419.530.4276

Advisor for Data Science Concentration
Dr. Qin Shao
UH 4080C | 419.530.2016

Advisor for Applied Math, Pure Math and Computer Science Concentration
Dr. Seung-Moon Hong
UH 2030J | 419.530.2804


Physics and Astronomy (MH 2017)

Dr. Nikolas Podraza
MH 2025 | 419.530.4905

Advisor for B.A. Physics and B.S. Physics, Applied Physics and Physics Concentration
Dr. Xunming Deng
MH 5002 | 419.530.4782

Advisor for B.S. Physics, Biomedical Physics Concentration
Dr. Aniruddha Ray
MH 4017 | 419.530.4787

Associate Chair
Dr. Rupali Chandar
RO 2050 | 419.530.4957

Advisor for B.A. Astronomy and B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Concentration
Dr. Michael Cushing
RO 1060 | 419.530.2637



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