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NSM Office
Wolfe Hall

Room 2246
Mail Stop 620
Phone: 419.530.7840


Student Services Office (Advising Assistance)
University Hall
Mail Stop 906
Third Floor Rm 3000
Phone: 419.530.2671

Current Students

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Department Chairs and Academic Advisors by department

Biological Sciences

Dr. Bruce Bamber
WO3205A| (419)530-7889

MedTech Program
Dr. Catherine Shaffner
WO1235| (419)530-1901

Departmental Adviser/Honors
Amanda Seabolt
WO2243B| (419)530-7893

Salford Exchange
Dr. Brian Ashburner
UH3350| (419)530-2739


Chemistry And Biochemistry

Dr. Jon Kirchhoff
BO2024| (419)530-7902

Advising Coordinator/ Honors Biochemistry
Dr. John Bellizzi
WO4203A| (419)530-5926

Biochemistry A-L
Dr. Timothy Mueser
WO4211B| (419)530-1510

Chemistry A-K
Dr. Jianglong Zhu
WO3265| (419)530-1501

Chemistry T-Z
Professor Jim Zubricky
BO2086H| (419)530-2566

Assoc. Chair
Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs
WO2262| (419)530-1505

Honors Chemistry
Dr. Joseph Schmidt
WO3277| (419)530-1512

Biochemistry M-Z
Dr. Xiche Hu
WO2277| (419)530-1513

Chemistry L-S
Dr. Edith Kippenhan
BO1081| (419)530-4072


Environmental Sciences

Chair and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Timothy Fisher
WO1235| (419)530-2009

Environmental Sciences
Dr. James Martin-Hayden
BO3051A| (419)530-2634

Dr. Jonathon Bossenbroek
BO2001C| (419)530-8376

Dr. Richard Becker
BO3007E| (419)530-4571

Environmental Sciences
Dr. Mark Camp
BO3022| (419)530-2398

Environmental Sciences and Public Health 3+2
Dr. Von Sigler
BO3001B| (419)530-2897

Environmental Studies
Dr. Alison Spongberg
BO2007E| (419)530-4091

Ecology and Biology
Dr. Johan Gottgens
BO3001B| (419)530-8451


Mathematics And Statistics

Dr. Donald White
UH2030H| (419)530-4502

Undergraduate Adviser
Dr. Nathaniel Iverson
UH2010G| (419)530-2034

Assoc. Chair 
Dr. Alessandro Arsie
UH4110D| (419)530-3247

Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Sanjay Khare
MH5010| (419)530-2292

Undergraduate and Honors Adviser
Dr. Scott Lee

MH3003| (419)530-4779


Sharon Schnarre
UH3000| (419)530-2102


Groups and Organizations

Rocket Subunit of Ohio Chapter American Fisheries Society

Society of Environmental Advocates (SEA)

Building Ohio’s Sustainable Energy Future

Last Updated: 1/9/18