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Scholarships and Awards

Important Scholarship Information

New Incoming Students

  • First Time Freshman
    Learn more about scholarships available to students who enroll directly after high school or as first time Adult students.

Continuing Students



Search our Scholarships!

  • The University of Toledo has many generous donors who support our students by providing hundreds of additional scholarship opportunities.  Use our scholarship search tool to find more ways UT can help make your education affordable. Start Searching.

Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarship terms and conditions detail the requirements of your specific scholarship. If you do not find your scholarship listed below, you should check your scholarship award letter for more information.

Outside or Third Party Scholarships

There are many opportunities for outside scholarships.  We encourage you to apply for scholarships from reputable organizations, both local and national.  Listed below are some national sites.  A word of caution when searching and applying for scholarships: no scholarship application should require a fee to apply.  Just like the FAFSA, students may need to apply yearly for scholarships.

Last Updated: 3/26/15