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Rocket Launch Orientation

The information below pertains to new students. If you are a transfer student, you can find additional information on the UToledo Adult/Transfer website. Please call us at 419.530.7845 or email with any questions.

Placement Testing


  • The ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test is required for all students who took high school chemistry - unless you are a student majoring in Mathematics or Data Science.  
  • If the curriculum of your major requires you to complete CHEM 1230 General Chemistry I, in most cases you will be required to take a chemistry placement test. 
  • Placement test details are available on the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test website. Be sure to review the section on General Chemistry I (CHEM 1230).
  • There is no fee for the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test.
  • Exceptions to taking the required chemistry placement test:
    • You have an AP Chemistry score of 4 or higher.
    • You have transfer credit equivalent to CHEM 1090 or CHEM 1230 at UToledo.
    • You have not completed any high school chemistry course. (NOTE: If you have not completed at least a year of high school chemistry you will enroll in CHEM 1090 Elementary Chemistry before taking CHEM 1230.)
  • Incoming PDEN/PMED/PVET students would benefit from taking the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test. A score of 50 on the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test allows registration for General Chemistry I and General Chemistry Lab I. Alternatively, students who select not to take the placement test would be placed into Elementary Chemistry.


  • Environmental Studies, Medical Laboratory Science and B.A. Biology Majors:
    ALEKS Placement should be taken…
    • by students who did not complete Algebra I and II in high school
    • by students with Math ACT below 20 or Math SAT below 510 (old SAT below 480)  
    • by students who did not submit SAT or ACT test scores when applying to UToledo.
  • B.S. Biology, Environmental Sciences and Neuroscience Majors:
    ALEKS Placement should be taken…
    • by students who did not complete Algebra I and II in high school
    • by students with Math ACT below 24 or Math SAT below 580 (old SAT below 560)
    • by students who did not submit SAT or ACT test scores when applying to UToledo.
  • Astronomy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Data Science, Mathematics, Physics and Undecided Majors
    ALEKS Placement should be taken regardless of ACT scores

The University of Toledo uses ALEKS® Placement to provide an accurate measure of students’ current mathematical skills so that they will be accurately placed in their mathematics courses. ALEKS® placement is available online ( or by completing a request form on the UToledo Testing Services website.

New students are urged to plan ahead and allow adequate time to complete the ALEKS process to have final ALEKS test scores prior to their registered Rocket Launch Orientation dates. 

Students can take the ALEKS Math placement test up to three times within a six-week period. Students must wait 48 hours and spend at least five hours of practice within the ALEKS® system to qualify for a retake. The cost is $25 and is paid directly to ALEKS®.

Additional details can be found on the Math Placement website.


For students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts:

  • If you have one or more years of foreign language experience, take the placement test in that language if you intend to continue study in college. Depending on your program it may be required. The test covers grammatical structures, vocabulary and reading comprehension. To request a foreign language test in French, German, Japanese, Latin or Spanish, please complete a request form on the UToledo Testings Services website. Other languages such as Arabic and Chinese must be scheduled through the Foreign Language Department.


Academic Advisors assist students with academic issues, such as understanding program requirements and choosing courses to meet degree requirements. An Academic Advisor can be a Professional Advisor or a Faculty Advisor. Professional Advisors work with new students who have not declared a major, students who are changing colleges, transfer students, students who are returning to the university after an absence and students who have been suspended. Faculty Advisors work with students who are advancing in a particular major. 

There are also advisors who help students in other areas of academic life, such as Financial Aid Advisors who help students in all aspects of financial aid and scholarships and Career Services Advisors who help students explore various career options. 

Degree Requirements

Read about your specific degree requirements by reviewing the Undergraduate Catalog. The college catalog shares academic policies, program requirements, course sequencing and other important information pertaining to your degree.

UToledo Core Curriculum

Regardless of major or program, students are required to complete a university core curriculum, which includes:

  • Composition I and II
  • Mathematics
  • Multicultural Non - Western
  • Multicultural Diversity of U.S. Culture
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (2)
  • Social Sciences (2)
  • Natural Sciences (2)
  • Natural Science Lab

Enrollment Status

The enrollment status of undergraduate students is based on the number of hours enrolled in credit bearing courses during a semester or during an entire summer term. Students should be cognizant of how many credit hours they are enrolled in to maintain financial aid and other University scholarships. Clarifying questions should be directed to Rocket Solution Central (

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

AP credit from the most current academic year does not post until July. If AP credit is earned and you have requested the scores be sent to UToledo, please contact your academic advisor to determine if any schedule adjustments need to be made to reflect the AP credit earned. A list of AP Class/Score equivalencies is provided by the Office of the Registrar.

  • For students who plan to apply to health profession programs (i.e., medical school, dental school, PA program, vet school) after graduating from UToledo, it is strongly suggested that you take the course for a letter grade rather than using your AP scores.
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