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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Toledo offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for students with a passion for understanding the chemistry of the world around them. These programs include Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as Masters and Doctoral programs in Chemistry.

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Departmental News

Apr 2015

The department is currently searching for 4 Visiting Assistant Professors.

Mar 2015

C & E News published a supplemental this month. Prof. Anderson published a top-ten innovation for 2014.

Feb 2015

Professor Sucheck received an NIH grant for his work on the Synthesis of Glycopeptide Cancer Vaccines.

Feb 2015

The department welcomes Dr. Wei Li as the newest member of our faculty.

Feb 2015

Date set for University of Toledo Alumni Event

Jan 2015

Jim Zubricky has been named the Toledo ACS 2015 Outreach Volunteer of the Year. 

Nov 2014

Professor Karunarathne's recent work was published in Neuron and highlighted on NBC news.

Oct 2014

Professor Lind-Kovacs is Vice Chair elect for the U.S. National Committee for Crystallography for 2015-2017 and the chair for 2018-2020

Oct 2014

Professor Anderson was included on The Analytical Scientist's Top 40 under 40 Powerlist 

Sep 2014

Samples from the Mueser and Ronning labs were launched from Kennedy Space Center.
Funding from CASIS afforded a trip to and from the International Space Station.

Sep 2014

Professor Isailovic has received a DURIP grant to purchase a new mass spectrometer

Last Updated: 3/27/15