Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry currently offers 4 different undergraduate degree programs. We offer Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as Bachelor of Arts Degrees in both disciplines.

Both B.S. degree programs are certified by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society. The B.S. degrees are often the degree of choice for students wishing to continue their studies in graduate school toward the Master’s, Ph.D., or in other professional programs.  Students earning the B.S. degree in chemistry also typically gain employment with significant responsibility in laboratories in the chemical, pharmaceutical, clinical, and allied professional industries.

The two B.A. degrees are an option for students who wish to pursue certain professional areas of chemistry as well as other fields.  Students with career interests in the business or sales end of the chemical profession, some types of laboratory positions, or dual majors with biology or chemical engineering often work toward the B.A. degree.  The B.A. is also a common degree track for students with aspiration of pursuing a career in medicine.

A minor in Chemistry and a minor in Green Chemistry and Engineering are also available.

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Undergraduate Studies Contact Information

Advising Coordinator
Honors Advisor
John Bellizzi (WO 4203A)

Tim Mueser (WO 4211)

Chemistry Advisors
Eric Findsen (WO 2278)

Dragan Isailovic (BO 1086F)

Jianglong Zhu (WO 3265)

Director of General Chemistry
Claire T. Cohen (BO 2096H)
Undergraduate Secretary
Pam Samples


Last Updated: 7/23/19