Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry Jobs

Job Opportunity at Croda Inc.   (07/20/17) 

Paid Process Development Scientist

Job Opportunity at Reforma Group   (07/19/17) 

Paid R&D - Growing Cosmetic Company in Southeast Michigan

Job Opportunity at Office of Science/US Department of Energy   (07/17/17)

Paid Research Internship Opportunities for Ungraduate STEM Students

Job Opportunity at NAMSA Global Medical Device Research Organization  (04/18/17)

Technologist, Analytical Services Position

Job Opportunity at the Lerner Research Institute (03/20/17)

Synthetic Chemists - Drug Discovery and Development

Job Opportunity at the EPA (02/27/17)

Biological Lab Research Support

Job Opportunity in Pharmaceuticals (02/21/17)

Research Chemist

Job Opportunity at Aerotek (01/13/17)

Quality Systems Technician

Job Opportunity at Charles River (01/06/17)

Research Assistant Needed

Job Opportunity at The University of Michigan-Flint (12/16/16)

Tenure-Track Faculty Position for the Fall of 2017

Job Opportunity at the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station in Ottawa County - FirstEnergy (12/16/16)

Multiple Positions Available

Job Opportunity in Holland, Ohio - ITS Technologies (12/12/16)

Lab Technician Wanted

University of Toledo's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Analytical Chemistry Position for 2017


Local Chemistry Jobs

NAMSA Job Opportunity (08/17/2016)

City of Toledo Job Opportunity (07/12/2016)

Analytical Chemistry Job

NAMSA Job Opportunity for Technologist, Analytical Services (10/01/2016)

Vesuvius Job Opportunity (07/12/2016)

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