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The University of Toledo is in the initial phase of a major capital campaign to enhance the quality of the university. The major goals of this campaign will directly support students and provide them with new opportunities in pursuing a high quality education. In particular, these goals include

  • An increase in the number of scholarships available to students,
  • An increase in the number of endowed faculty chairs and professorships, and
  • Technology upgrades for the campus community.

Over the course of the 90-year history of the chemistry department at UT, the department and generous donors have established endowed funds to support chemistry students and enhance the quality of the chemistry program. Award, scholarship and program enhancement funds have directly or indirectly benefited over 1000 chemistry alumni. The department is now taking the next step in development and aligning with the university campaign to increase funds for the initiatives described above.

As the university moves forward during the capital campaign, donors to the university can designate their contribution to a specific fund in a department where it will have the greatest impact. This is the option that most chemistry alumni and friends of the department choose. Many enhance their contributions even further through matching gift programs through their employer. Current endowed funds in chemistry available for donations are

  • Arthur H. Black Professorship
  • Organic Chemistry Progress Fund
  • Frontiers in Chemistry Lecture Series
  • Undergraduate Research Fund
  • Henry R. Kreider Scholarship
  • James A. Poure Scholarship
  • David R. Hostetler Memorial Scholarship
  • William B. Silverman Chemistry Scholarship
  • Chemistry Faculty Scholarship
  • Chemical and Allied Industries of Northwest Ohio Scholarship
  • ACS Student Group
  • Arthur H. Black Award in Analytical Chemistry

Anyone interested in creating an endowed fund or contributing to an existing endowed fund in chemistry can direct questions to:

Nick Butler
Director of Development
Office of Development
Division of Advancement
The University of Toledo Foundation


The Chemistry Department

In the absence of questions, donations can be made online at The University of Toledo Foundation website.

Thank you to everyone who has made or considered making a contribution to support chemistry students who are working to become the next generation of chemists, teachers and medical professionals. Through your generosity and thoughtfulness many dreams have been and will be achieved.

Last Updated: 5/27/20