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Congratulations, 2024 Graduates

We’re proud to celebrate the 390 graduating students from the College of Health and Human Services at The University of Toledo’s Spring 2024 Commencement. Congratulations on your achievements and go Rockets!

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Meet Emilee Tancak

'22, Bachelor of Science in Public Health

“College has allowed me to understand that there are still plenty of things to learn, which is why I want to continue my education at UToledo.”

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Meet Dorian Mundy

Earning her Ph.D. in Public Health

“The University has been very supportive. That’s one of the reasons I felt comfortable coming back. I left a full-time job that I was very happy with. I was making a great salary for the field, but I wasn’t fulfilled.”

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Meet Emilee Wegert

'21, Bachelor's degree in social work

UToledo’s social work program prepared Emily Wegert to turn her passions into knowledge.

“They make sure each of their students are well rounded in the things that they care about. We learn about many issues and where we can contribute to their improvement.”

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Meet Tess Posh

’21, Doctoral Degree in Occupational Therapy

“It felt like The University of Toledo was going to support all aspects of my life. Faculty were able to understand that grad school is really important and being a graduate student is a big part of my life, but it’s not everything. I am a person who has many different priorities and responsibilities outside of being a student, and thankfully, my faculty were able to understand that and support me.”

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Meet Ashleigh Konopka

’20, Master of Science in Occupational Health

“[Faculty] made the extra effort to get to know me on a personal level. I wouldn’t have gotten through grad school without them."

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Meet Victoria Simpson

’20, Master of Science in Public Health

"It’s challenging when the public doesn’t see what we’re seeing and doesn’t understand the importance of what we’re asking them to do, but in the end, it’s worth it."

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Meet MacKenzie Beyer

’20, Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration

"After connecting with the campus, I knew that UToledo was really the place for me. I feel like I have made great connections with my professors who have had real experience in the healthcare industry and have offered me great advise and expertise."

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Meet Zoe Birnbrich

’20, Bachelor of Science in Recreation Therapy

"My classes and professors in my major really prepared me for life after college. We had to complete 250 hours of clinical experiences with many different populations, so I feel confident leading group sessions and knowing I can impact my clients’ lives."

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Last Updated: 5/3/24