University Policy

University Policy Website

The University of Toledo Policy Website is a compilation of relevant policy, operational procedures, governing documents and handbooks of The University of Toledo.  The purpose of the policy website is to ensure faculty, staff, and students have ready access to policies. It is the responsibility of the UT community, including faculty, staff, and students, to familiarize themselves with the policies and comply with the University policies that affect them.

Policy Review and Approval Process

Draft policies are posted on the Policies Posted for Comment page for a thirty day period, during which time the campus community has an opportunity to offer comments or suggestions about the draft policy. Comments submitted for review are answered by the policy’s responsible agent.

An email notification of updates and additions to the Policies Posted for Comment is distributed to all University faculty and staff.

The University of Toledo approves, issues, and maintains policies using a consistent process and format. Please see the 3364-10-01 Formulation and issuance of policies for the standard format, vetting, and approval process for the policies.

The Policy Committee is charged with ensuring that the University’s policies are accessible, appropriately disseminated, and current.  The committee does not decide the appropriateness or validity of policies. The committee is comprised of membership from the Provost’s Office, Faculty Senate, Internal Audit and Compliance, Legal Affairs, University Archives, and the UT Medical Center. 

Contact Annette Hyttenhove, at (419.530.4043) or Assistant General Counsel, Adam Motycka at (419.530.8418) for more information about University policies.

Last Updated: 11/4/22