UToledo Lake Erie Center


The UToledo Lake Erie Center is a research and educational facility focused on environmental conditions and aquatic resources in Maumee Bay and western Lake Erie as a model for the Great Lakes and aquatic ecosystems worldwide.



Safeguarding Water

Water quality is a major research focus at UToledo where experts are studying algal blooms, invasive species such as Asian carp, and pollutants to ensure continued access to safe drinking water.

Bringing Back Lake Sturgeon

Jorden McKenna, a graduate student earning her master’s degree in biology in the Department of Environmental Sciences, discusses her research piecing together survival rates, movement patterns and habitat use of lake sturgeon.

Maumee River FLOWS Project

The UToledo Lake Erie Center is outfitting a floating lab for science cruises. Scientists will engage local teachers and hundreds of middle and high school students in hands-on learning on the Maumee River.



Class of 2020, Biology - Ecology and Organismal

Ysabelle Yrad"As an education and outreach intern at UToledo’s Lake Erie Center, I’ve been able to share my enthusiasm for ecology with many people. I am also grateful for the opportunity to present my work internationally, as a finalist for the Biodesign Challenge last year in NYC. This is why the best memories I have at UToledo is when I’ve been able to demonstrate what I know about the environment and inspire others to take interest in the nature around them. From the experiences I had as an undergraduate at UToledo, I feel empowered to continue working on the sustainability problems we face in a society."


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Last Updated: 10/17/22