Facilities and Construction



Our mission is to provide a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that facilitates the best possible patient care, education, and research. Our vision is to transform the world by providing an environment that will forever foster opportunities conducive to universal success in research, healthcare, and education.



Jason J. Toth                                               Cheryl Skolmowski
                                                                       Executive Assistant



As Associate Vice President for Facilities & Construction, Jason Toth leads the planning, directing, and monitoring of facilities operations and maintenance.  Mr. Toth is also responsible for the coordination and management of capital projects, aligning them with the University’s Strategic plan.

Jason has nearly 2 decades of experience in construction and facilities management.  He began his career at Bostleman Corp. where he spent 14+ years before joining The University of Toledo.

In 2011 Jason was hired as the Director of Facilities/Civil Engineer.  In a very short period he oversaw the re-engineering of the department’s Construction Project Management Team.  He applied his expertise to streamline processes and create efficiencies resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a reduction to the University’s deferred maintenance liability.

In 2012 Jason was promoted to University Chief Engineer and then in 2013 to Associate Vice President.  Under his leadership the department strives to provide exceptional environments for faculty, staff, and students that promote the University’s mission to improve the human condition.

Toth received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in January 1998.  He and his wife, Janell reside in the area with their five children (Addison, Broc, Carson, Delaney, and Eli). 

Jason is personally committed to The University of Toledo and its achievement and success.

Last Updated: 9/27/18