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Standard Operating Procedures | Approved

Facilities & Construction procedures are under revision at this time.  Any Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that is listed below has been through the revision process.  After a 30-day period of review and comment from the University community, they were move on through the approval process to officially become procedures.  See the Policies website for more information regarding this process.

Facilities & Construction Standard Operating Procedures Index

Administration (ADM)   Central Control (CC)   Electrical (E) General Maintenance (GM)
Grounds (G) HVAC (HVAC) Personnel (PE) Plumbing (P)    
Safety (SA) Vehicle Service Center (VSC) Complete University of Toledo Policy Manual

SOP's in RED are Critical Operating Procedures.
SOP's in GREEN have been deleted and replaced by the referenced SOP number.


SOP # Subject Revised
ADM-01 Monitoring & Evaluation of Utilities - Utilities Managment Program    Feb 2014
ADM-02 Loss of Electrical Service  Feb 2014
ADM-03 Loss of Steam Pressure  Feb 2014 
ADM-04 Loss of Domestic Water Supply  Feb 2014 
ADM-05 Failure of Clinical Vacuum Pumps or Medical Air/Gass  Feb 2014 
ADM-06 Failure of Air Handling Equipment  Feb 2014 
ADM-07 Refer to S-08-014 Mar 2011
ADM-08 Disease Control - Employee Precautions Mar 2011
ADM-09 Maintenance Departmental Disaster Plan Mar 2011
ADM-10 Securing Emergency Service Contractors Mar 2011
ADM-11 Verification and Application of Interior Finishes Mar 2011
ADM-12 Power Transitube System-Notification of System Malfunction Mar 2011
ADM-14 Maintaining Air Handling Equipment Servicing - In-Patient Areas Mar 2011
ADM-15  Identification of Essential Facilities Equipment on Emergency Power within
Patient Care Areas
Mar 2011
ADM-18 Fuel Oil Handling-Emergency Generators Mar 2011
ADM-21 Departmental Fire Plan Mar 2011
ADM-22 Refer to HM-08-001 Mar 2011
ADM-23 Refer to HM-08-013 Mar 2011
ADM-25 Energy Management Program Mar 2011
ADM-26 Above Ceiling procedure and Permitting Nov 2014
ADM-27 Interim Life Safety Measures and Infection Control Dec 2014
ADM-28 Refer to S-08-019 Mar 2011
ADM-29 Loss of Centrifugal Chillers, Absorbers and Reciprocating Machines Mar 2011
ADM-32 Refer to HM-08-025 Mar 2011
ADM-34 Loss of Nurse Call System Mar 2011
ADM-36 Refer to S-08-029 Mar 2011
ADM-37 Refer to HM-08-001 Mar 2011
ADM-38 Severe Weather Conditions Mar 2011
ADM-40 Interior Finishes Mar 2011
ADM-41 Loss of Effluent Flow Mar 2011
ADM-42 Locksmith Mar 2011
ADM-43 Loss of Natural Gas Supply Dec 2012
ADM-44 Americans With Disabilities Mar 2011
ADM-45 Shutdown Procedure for the Health Science Campus Main Substation                                   Mar 2011
ADM-46 Strike Action Mar 2011
ADM-47 Procedures for Providing Blueprints or Building Information Mar 2011
ADM-48 Patient Room Locks Mar 2011
ADM-49 Time Off Mar 2011
ADM-50 Radios Mar 2011
ADM-51 Designated Break Areas Mar 2011
ADM-52 Departmental Training Mar 2011
ADM-53 Preventive Maintenance of Essential Equipment and Facilities                                                      Mar 2011
ADM-54 Defective Equipment | Non-patient Related Mar 2011
ADM-55 Safety Lockout/Tag-Out Mar 2011
ADM-56 Ladder and Safety Inspection Mar 2011
ADM-57 Refinement of Facilities Maintenance Goals Mar 2011
ADM-58 New Employee Training Mar 2011
ADM-59 Equal Opportunity Mar 2011
ADM-60 Testing for Fire Detection Devices Mar 2011
ADM-61 Commemorative Plaques, Statues or Other Objects* Mar 2011
ADM-62 Biennial Capital Facilities Planning Mar 2011
ADM-63 Holiday/Patriotic/Memorabilia & Other Decorations* Mar 2011
ADM-64 Unauthorized Posting or Distribution of Handbills Mar 2011
ADM-65 Dana Conference Reservations Mar 2011
ADM-66 Eleanor D. Dana Conference Center  Mar 2011
ADM-67 Revision of Drawing Prior to Release for Construction Nov 2012

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Central Control

SOP # Subject Revised
CC-01 Centralized Building Automation System-Maintenance Program Sept 2014
CC-02 Daily Operational Check of Chilling Equipment     Aug 2014
CC-03 Air Handler Readings Aug 2014
CC-04 Operating Room Relative Humidity Settings Aug 2014
CC-05 Documentation of Operating Room Temperature Changes Aug 2014
CC-06 Reheat and Radiation Readings Aug 2014
CC-07 Monitoring of Hot Water Temperature Aug 2014
CC-08 Computerized Energy Management Program Procedures Aug 2014
CC-09 Campus Utilitiy Meter Readings Aug 2014
CC-10 Medical Gases Aug 2014
CC-11 Centralized Building Automation System Alarm Summaries Aug 2014
CC-12 Boilers at Heatherdowns Center Aug 2014
CC-13 Reporting Off Procedure for Operating Engineers or Building Operator                                           Aug 2014
CC-14 Food and Beverage Restrictions in Building Automation System Area Aug 2014
CC-15 Operation of the Building Automation System Aug 2014
CC-16 Thermostat Settings Aug 2014
CC-17 Hospital TB Room Fan Failure Sept 2014
CC-18 Loss of Building Automation System Sept 2014
CC-19 Monitoring of Computers Sept 2014
CC-20 Operating Room Air Temperature Sept 2014

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SOP # Subject Revised
E-01 Preventive Maintenance Electric Switchboards & Motor Control Centers Mar 2011
E-02 Maintenance of Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches Mar 2011
E-03 Preventive Maintenance on Electrical Distribution Panels Mar 2011
E-04 Inspection of Electrical Receptacles Mar 2011
E-05 Preventive Maintenance of Disconnects and Alternators Mar 2011
E-06 Inspection of Heliport Lights Mar 2011
E-07 Breaker Operational Tests at the UT HSC Main Sub-Station Mar 2011
E-08 Transformers-Maintenance and Repair Proceduress Mar 2011
E-09 Kirk Key Procedure Mar 2011
E-10 Maintenance of Emergency Battery Lights Mar 2011
E-11 Maintenance of Electric Beds Mar 2011
E-14 Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Line Isolation Panels Mar 2011
E-15 Preventive Maintenance on D.C. Switchboard Batteries Mar 2011
E-16 Inspectiioin of Lightning Protection Mar 2011
E-17 Preventive Maintenance of Tele-Engineering Telelift System Mar 2011
E-18 Inspection and Cleaning Procedures for Translogic Transitube System                                          Mar 2011
E-19 Inspection of Surgery Extension Cords Mar 2011
E-20 Transitube or Telelift Failure Mar 2011
E-21 Emergency Generator Tests and Inspections Mar 2011
E-22 Fire Alarm Testing Nov 2014
E-23 Work Space Illumination Mar 2011
E-24 Personal Hand Tools Mar 2011
E-25 Test Equipment Mar 2011
E-26 Emergency Generator Operation Review Mar 2011
E-27 Electrical General Requirements Mar 2011
E-28 Wiring Designs and Protection Mar 2011
E-29 Electrical Safety Mar 2011
E-30 Locking Electric Panels Mar 2011

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General Maintenance

SOP # Subject Revised
GM-01 Corridor Hand Rails and Corner Guards - Visual Inspection Mar 2011
GM-02 Exit and Stairwell Lamp Replacement Mar 2011
GM-03 Roof Inspection Mar 2011
GM-04 Blood Pressure Cuff Repair Mar 2011
GM-05 Corrective Maintenance of Vinyl and Carpet Flooring Mar 2011
GM-08 Use of Paint Booth Mar 2011
GM-09 Drop Cloths Mar 2011
GM-10 Paint Supplies Mar 2011
GM-11 Supervisor Notification for Emergency Snow Removal Mar 2011
GM-12 Bed Control, Call Cord Mar 2011
GM-14 Automatic Operating Doors - Operational Check & Maintenance                Mar 2011
GM-15 Failure of Automatic Doors Mar 2011
GM-16 Operational Checks and Preventive Maintenance on Fire and Smoke Doors                                   Mar 2011
GM-17 Checking and Maintaining Fire Wall Integrity Mar 2011
GM-18 Repair of File Cabinets Mar 2011
GM-19 Wet or Damaged Ceiling Tile Mar 2011
GM-20 Open Ceiling Mar 2011
GM-21 Wall Hanging Guidelines* Mar 2011

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SOP # Subject Revised
G-01 Snow Removal Mar 2011
G-02 Exterior Sidewalk Maintenance Mar 2011
G-03 Application of Pesticides Mar 2011
G-05 Equipment Shop Waste Management Plan                                                                                   Mar 2011
G-07 Use of Head Phones Mar 2011
G-08 Energy Conservation Mar 2011
G-09 Lost and Found Mar 2011
G-10 Removal of Ice from Roadways & Walkways Mar 2011
G-11 Equipment Management Program Mar 2011
G-12 Morning Break Mar 2011
G-13 Absenteeism/Tardiness Mar 2011
G-14 Tool & Equipment Storage Mar 2011

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SOP # Subject Revised
HVAC-01 Annual Start Up of Chillers - All Buildings Mar 2011
HVAC-02 Chillers - Contract Preventative Maintenance Mar 2011
HVAC-03 Maintenance of All Main Steam Lines, 150 lbs.                           Mar 2011
HVAC-04 Steam Reducing Stations Maintenance Mar 2011
HVAC-05 Flash Tank Maintenance Mar 2011
HVAC-06 Air Handler Motor Maintenance - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-07 Cooling Tower Maintenance - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-08 Non-Clinical Air Compressor - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-09 Air Change Rates in Surgical Areas Mar 2011
HVAC-10 Air Filter Maintenance Mar 2011
HVAC-11 Preventive Maintenance on Humidifiers - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-12 Ice Machine Maintenance - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-13 Maintenance on Walk-In Coolers - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-14 Air Dryer Maintenance - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-15 Maintenance on Computer Room Air Conditioners - HSC                                                          Mar 2011
HVAC-16 Maintenance on Heating Pumps - HSC Mar 2011
HVAC-17 CFC Regulations Mar 2011
HVAC-18 Thermostat Settings Mar 2011
HVAC-018B Energy Management Mar 2011
HVAC-19 DLAM Temperatures Mar 2011

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SOP # Subject Revised
PE-01  Promotion of Infection Control Procedures                                                                                Mar 2011 
PE-03 Refer to S-08-034 Mar 2011
PE-05  Personnel - Uniform Issuance Mar 2011 
PE-06  Holiday Schedules  Mar 2011 
PE-08  Recognizing Eminent Danger Mar 2011 
PE-09  Attendance Monitoring  Mar 2011 
PE-10  Building Operators Carrying Radios  Mar 2011 
PE-11 Cleanup Time Mar 2011
PE-12  Maintaining Daily Work Records  Mar 2011 
PE-13 Refer to S-08-032 Mar 2011
PE-16  Working on Personal Property/Business  Mar 2011 
PE-18  Manager's Absence From Office  Mar 2011 
PE-19  Punctuality  Mar 2011 
PE-20  Personal Hygiene  Mar 2011 
PE-21  Smoking  Mar 2011 
PE-22 Refer to S-08-021 Mar 2011
PE-23  Work Schedules  Mar 2011 
PE-24 Refer to S-08-008 Mar 2011
PE-27  Keys  Mar 2011 
PE-28  Personal Disputes  Mar 2011 
PE-29  Clean Work Space (Shop)  Mar 2011 
PE-30  Equipment and Tool Security  Mar 2011 
PE-31  Renovation-Work Site Management  Mar 2011 
PE-32  Operation of Power Tools  Mar 2011 
PE-34  Consecutive Working Hours  Mar 2011 
PE-35     Lockers*                                                                                                Mar 2011

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SOP # Subject Revised
P-01  Fire Pump Maintenance  Mar 2011 
P-02 Maintenance of Domestic Water Booster Pump Mar 2011
P-03  Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps  Mar 2011 
P-04  Maintenance of Clinical Air Compressors  Mar 2011 
P-05  Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Devices  Mar 2011 
P-06 Maintenance of Neutralizing Sumps Mar 2011
P-07 Maintenance of Grease Traps Mar 2011
P-08  Maintenance of Emergency Showers & Emergency Eye Wash - HSC                                            Mar 2011 
P-09 Water Meter Testing Mar 2011
P-10  Sprinkler System Inspection - HSC  Nov 2014 
P-11 Inspection of Outside Manholes & Sanitary Sewer Lines - HSC          Mar 2011
P-12  Medical Gas Alarm Testing  Mar 2011 
P-14  Medical Gas Piping Modification  Mar 2011 

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SOP # Subject Revised
SA-01 Refer to S-08-029 Mar 2011
SA-02 Refer to HM-08-027 Mar 2011
SA-03 Maintenance of Power Tools Mar 2011
SA-04 Refer to S-08-049 Mar 2011
SA-05 Refer to HM-08-010 and HM-08-008 Mar 2011
SA-06 Preventing Exposures in Laboratories Mar 2011
SA-07 Refer to HM-08-017 Mar 2011
SA-08 Refer to S-08-014 Mar 2011
SA-09 Refer to S-08-032 Mar 2011
SA-10 Refer to HM-08-003 Mar 2011
SA-11 Refer to S-08-010 Mar 2011
SA-12 Refer to S-08-021 Mar 2011
SA-13 Scaffolds and Towers Mar 2011
SA-14 Mobile & Stationary Man Lifts Mar 2011
SA-15 Power Transmission Apparatuses Mar 2011
SA-16 Cleanliness of Work Area Mar 2011
SA-17 Refer to HM-08-022 Mar 2011
SA-18 Overhead Chain Falls and Gantry Cranes and Slings                                                                    Mar 2011
SA-19 Woodworking Machinery Mar 2011
SA-20 Abrasive Wheel Machinery Mar 2011

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Vehicle Service Center

VSC-01 UT Vehicles                   Oct 2014
VSC-02 Use of University Vehicle Rules and Regulations  Oct 2014
VSC-03 Shuttle Bus Operations Oct 2014
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