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SOP # Subject Revised
ADM-01 Monitoring & Evaluation of Utilities - Utilities Management Program    Feb 2023
ADM-02 Loss of Electrical Service  Feb 2023
ADM-03 Loss of Steam Pressure  Feb 2023
ADM-04 Loss of Domestic Water Supply  Feb 2023
ADM-05 Failure of Clinical Vacuum Pumps or Medical Air Gas Feb 2023
ADM-06 Failure of Air Handling Equipment  Feb 2023
ADM-07 Key Control Feb 2023
ADM-08 Disease Control - Employee Precautions Feb 2023
ADM-09 Maintenance Departmental Disaster Plan Feb 2023
ADM-10 Securing Emergency Service Contractors Feb 2023
ADM-11 Verification and Application of Interior Finishes Feb 2023
ADM-12 Power Transitube System-Notification of System Malfunction Feb 2023
ADM-13 Alternative Equipment Maintenance Feb 2023
ADM-14 Maintaining Air Handling Equipment Servicing - In-Patient Areas Feb 2023
ADM-15  Identification of Essential Facilities Equipment on Emergency Power within
Patient Care Areas
Feb 2023
ADM-16 Life Safety Assessment Mar 2023
ADM-18 Fuel Oil Handling-Emergency Generators Feb 2023
ADM-25 Energy Management Program Feb 2023
ADM-26 Above Ceiling procedure and Permitting Feb 2023
ADM-29 Loss of Centrifugal Chillers, Absorbers and Reciprocating Machines Feb 2023
ADM-34 Loss of Nurse Call System Feb 2023
ADM-38 Severe Weather Conditions Feb 2023
ADM-39 Digital Display Approvals Feb 2020
ADM-40 Interior Finishes Feb 2023
ADM-41 Loss of Effluent Flow Feb 2023
ADM-43 Loss of Natural Gas Supply Feb 2023
ADM-44 Americans With Disabilities Feb 2023
ADM-45 Shutdown Procedure for the Health Science Campus Main Substation Feb 2023
ADM-48 Patient Room Locks Feb 2023
ADM-49 Time Off Feb 2023
ADM-50 Radios Feb 2023
ADM-52 Departmental Training Feb 2023
ADM-53 Preventive Maintenance of Essential Equipment and Facilities Feb 2023
ADM-54 Defective Equipment | Non-patient Related Feb 2023
ADM-55 Safety Lockout/Tag-Out Feb 2023
ADM-57 Refinement of Facilities Maintenance Goals Feb 2023
ADM-58 New Employee Training Feb 2023
ADM-60 Testing for Fire Detection Devices Feb 2023
ADM-61 Permanent or Temporary Space Allocation Feb 2023
ADM-62 Pandemic Plan Cleaning Strategy June 2023
ADM-63 Supplier Diversity June 2023

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Central Control

SOP # Subject Revised
CC-01  Centralized Building Automation System-Maintenance Program Feb 2023
CC-04  Operating Room Relative Humidity Settings Feb 2023
CC-07  Monitoring of Hot Water Temperature Dec 2019
CC-08 Computerized Energy Management Program Procedures Feb 2023
CC-09 Campus Utility Meter Readings Feb 2023
CC-10 Medical Gases Feb 2023
CC-13 Reporting Off Procedure for Operating Engineers or Building Operator Feb 2023
CC-15 Operation of the Building Automation System Feb 2023
CC-16 Thermostat Settings Feb 2023
CC-17 Hospital TB Room Fan Failure Feb 2023
CC-18 Loss of Building Automation System Feb 2023
CC-19 Monitoring of Computers Feb 2023
CC-20 Operating Room Air Temperature Feb 2023

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SOP # Subject Revised
E-01 Preventive Maintenance Electric Switchboards & Motor Control Centers Feb 2023
E-02 Maintenance of Manual and Automatic Transfer Switches Feb 2023
E-03 Preventive Maintenance on Electrical Distribution Panels Feb 2023
E-04 Inspection of Electrical Receptacles Feb 2023
E-05 Preventive Maintenance of Disconnects and Alternators Feb 2023
E-06 Inspection of Heliport Lights Feb 2023
E-07 Breaker Operational Tests at the UT HSC Main Sub-Station Feb 2023
E-08 Transformers-Maintenance and Repair Proceduress Feb 2023
E-10 Maintenance of Emergency Battery Lights Feb 2023
E-14 Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Line Isolation Panels Feb 2023
E-18 Inspection and Cleaning Procedures for Translogic Transitube System Feb 2023
E-19 Inspection of Surgery Extension Cords Feb 2023
E-20 Transitube or Telelift Failure Feb 2023
E-21 Emergency Generator Tests and Inspections Feb 2023
E-22 Fire Alarm Testing Feb 2023
E-23 Work Space Illumination Feb 2023
E-24 Personal Hand Tools Feb 2023
E-25 Test Equipment Feb 2023
E-26 Emergency Generator Operation Review Feb 2023
E-27 Electrical General Requirements Feb 2023
E-28 Wiring Designs and Protection Feb 2023
E-29 Electrical Safety Feb 2023
E-30 Locking Electric Panels Feb 2023

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General Maintenance

SOP # Subject Revised
GM-01 Corridor Hand Rails and Corner Guards - Visual Inspection Feb 2023
GM-02 Exit and Stairwell Lamp Replacement Feb 2023
GM-03 Roof Inspection Feb 2023
GM-05 Corrective Maintenance of Vinyl and Carpet Flooring Feb 2023
GM-09 Drop Cloths Feb 2023
GM-10 Paint Supplies Feb 2023
GM-14 Automatic Operating Doors - Operational Check & Maintenance Feb 2023
GM-15 Failure of Automatic Doors Feb 2023
GM-16 Operational Checks and Preventive Maintenance on Fire and Smoke Doors Feb 2023
GM-17 Checking and Maintaining Fire Wall Integrity Feb 2023
GM-18 Repair of File Cabinets Feb 2023
GM-19 Wet or Damaged Ceiling Tile Feb 2023
GM-20 Open Ceiling Feb 2023
GM-21 Wall Hanging Guidelines Feb 2023

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SOP # Subject Revised
G-01 Snow Removal Feb 2023
G-02 Exterior Sidewalk Maintenance Feb 2023
G-03 Application of Pesticides Feb 2023
G-05 Equipment Shop Waste Management Plan Feb 2023
G-07 Use of Head Phones Feb 2023
G-08 Energy Conservation Feb 2023
G-09 Lost and Found Feb 2023
G-10 Removal of Ice from Roadways & Walkways Feb 2023
G-11 Equipment Management Program Feb 2023
G-12 Morning Break Feb 2023
G-13 Absenteeism/Tardiness Feb 2023
G-14 Tool & Equipment Storage Feb 2023

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SOP # Subject Revised
HVAC-01 Annual Start Up of Chillers - All Buildings Feb 2023
HVAC-03 Maintenance of All Main Steam Lines, 150 lbs. Feb 2023
HVAC-04 Steam Reducing Stations Maintenance Feb 2023
HVAC-05 Flash Tank Maintenance Feb 2023
HVAC-06 Air Handler Motor Maintenance - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-07 Cooling Tower Maintenance - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-08 Non-Clinical Air Compressor - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-09 Air Change Rates in Surgical Areas Feb 2023
HVAC-10 Air Filter Maintenance Feb 2023
HVAC-11 Preventive Maintenance on Humidifiers - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-12 Ice Machine Maintenance - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-13 Maintenance on Walk-In Coolers - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-14 Air Dryer Maintenance - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-15 Maintenance on Computer Room Air Conditioners - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-16 Maintenance on Heating Pumps - HSC Feb 2023
HVAC-17 CFC Regulations Feb 2023
HVAC-18 Thermostat Settings Feb 2023
HVAC-18B Energy Management Feb 2023
HVAC-19 DLAM Temperatures Feb 2023

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SOP # Subject Revised
PE-01  Promotion of Infection Control Procedures Feb 2023
PE-05  Personnel - Uniform Issuance Feb 2023
PE-06  Holiday Schedules  Feb 2023
PE-08  Recognizing Eminent Danger Feb 2023
PE-09  Attendance Monitoring  Feb 2023
PE-10  Building Operators Carrying Radios  Feb 2023
PE-11 Cleanup Time Feb 2023
PE-12 Maintaining Daily Work Records Feb 2023
PE-16  Working on Personal Property/Business  Feb 2023
PE-19  Punctuality  Feb 2023
PE-20  Personal Hygiene  Feb 2023
PE-23  Work Schedules  Feb 2023
PE-28  Personal Disputes  Feb 2023
PE-29  Clean Work Space (Shop)  Feb 2023
PE-30  Equipment and Tool Security  Feb 2023
PE-31  Renovation-Work Site Management  Feb 2023
PE-34  Consecutive Working Hours  Feb 2023
PE-35     Lockers Feb 2023

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SOP # Subject Revised
P-01  Fire Pump Maintenance  Feb 2023
P-02 Maintenance of Domestic Water Booster Pump Feb 2023
P-03  Maintenance of Vacuum Pumps  Feb 2023
P-04  Maintenance of Clinical Air Compressors  Feb 2023
P-05  Maintenance of Backflow Prevention Devices  Feb 2023
P-07 Maintenance of Grease Traps Feb 2023
P-09 Water Meter Testing Feb 2023
P-10  Sprinkler System Inspection - HSC  Feb 2023
P-11 Inspection of Outside Manholes & Sanitary Sewer Lines - HSC Feb 2023
P-12  Medical Gas Alarm Testing  Feb 2023
P-14  Medical Gas Piping Modification  Feb 2023

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SOP # Subject Revised
SA-03 Maintenance of Power Tools Feb 2023
SA-06 Preventing Exposures in Laboratories Feb 2023
SA-13 Scaffolds and Towers Feb 2023
SA-14 Mobile & Stationary Man Lifts Feb 2023
SA-15 Power Transmission Apparatuses Feb 2023
SA-16 Cleanliness of Work Area Feb 2023
SA-19 Woodworking Machinery Feb 2023
SA-20 Abrasive Wheel Machinery Feb 2023

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Fleet Operations

SOP# Subject Revised
Fleet-01 Maintenance May 2023
Fleet-02 Operations May 2023
Fleet-03 Fuel Supply May 2023
Fleet-04 License Plates May 2023
Fleet-05 Vehicle Signage May 2023

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