Advanced Simulation and Gaming Studio

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The Advanced Simulation and Gaming Studio focuses on complex software using artificial intelligence applied in simulation game structures.  Their current work is being applied toward the creation of serious games for academic and training applications including research on how to deploy intelligence in simulation game avatars.
Code Cart in 3D
Virtual code cart

The Virtual Code Cart (VCC) simulation was designed for use as a tool to familiarize and review a code cart configuration.  Each drawer contains models of the exact content supplied on a standard code cart for a particular facility. 

Sales Leadership game
Sales World Leadership

Experience a sales manager role through real-life situations. The methodology provides realistic practical experience and experimentation in a safe environment.  

Financial Training Simulation
financial training simulation

Developed for a manufacturing company who wanted their people in plants to understand the financial consequences of their operational decisions. From that the idea came to create a simulation game environment that emulates life in the plant so people could see the results. 

Last Updated: 7/15/24