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Become a pharmacist

Start in our pre-pharmacy program right from high school. You also can transfer into our Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program after taking prerequisites or getting your bachelor's degree at another institution.

Pharm.D. program
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Undergraduate pharmacy science degrees

Our five undergraduate pharmacy science degrees prepare you for pharmacy science and administration careers. We have the country's only undergraduate degree in cosmetic science and formulation design.

Undergraduate Degrees
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Graduate pharmacy science degrees

Our master's and doctoral pharmacy programs focus on research and the study of new treatments and drugs.

Graduate Degrees

Why UToledo Pharmacy

Become a pharmacist with a degree from our acclaimed Pharm.D. program. Or find a fulfilling career as a cosmetic chemist, researcher in pharmaceutical sciences or professor. You also can prepare to become a physician or other health professional.

  • Five research-related undergraduate majors with required internship experience
  • The nation’s only bachelor’s degree program in cosmetic science and formulation design
  • A path to medical school
  • Six-year Pharm.D. program with exam passage rates that consistently exceed national averages
  • Internationally known faculty
  • Four master’s programs and two research doctoral programs
  • A real-world healthcare environment that includes our medical center, as well as medical, nursing and pharmacy schools
  • One-on-one advising. Support coaches, professional advisors and faculty advisors provide personalized academic and career advice.
Why UToledo Pharmacy

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Pharm.D. graduate job placement rate within 3 months of graduation

Bachelor of Science and Pharmaceutical Science (B.S.P.S.) degree options - 1 of only 19 colleges in the U.S. to offer them

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U.S. schools offering cosmetic science and formulation design bachelor degree

Group of students who participated in the pharmacy camp standing on the steps in front of a buildingSummer Pharmacy Camps

Are you a high school student interested in a career in pharmacy or pharmaceutical sciences? Attend one of our summer camps!

  • Participate in hands-on activities that introduce you to the profession and practice of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Stay on campus in a residence hall throughout the in-person camp or attend a virtual cosmetic science camp with interactive activities 
  • Meet current students and alumni.

Learn more about our summer camps and how to apply. Scholarships are available.


Meet Swapnaa Balaji

'23, Doctor of Pharmacy

“I am forever grateful to UT for helping me find my voice again as an international student of color and a woman in STEM. This is not my success alone. This is our success.”

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Meet Ava Perkins

'23, BSPS in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design

“Before attending college, I had always been interested in makeup, but I also loved chemistry and pharmacy. After a quick Google search, I discovered The University of Toledo’s Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design Program and loved how it perfectly blended all three of my interests.”

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Meet Robbie Keister

'23, Doctor of Pharmacy

“All my interactions with the different colleges of pharmacy were about the same until I called The University of Toledo. Immediately on the phone, the staff member made me feel almost like part of a family. I never felt a more welcoming environment than here at UToledo.”

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Meet Madeline Gutta

'24, Dual Degree in Doctor of Pharmacy and MBA

“I know I’m not just another face in the crowd here. The faculty are extremely welcoming; they will say hello to me when I see them outside of class, and they still ask me about my older sister who graduated a few years ago.”

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Meet Jared Malott

'22, Doctor of Pharmacy

"UToledo has an incredible campus environment, and I fell in love with it when I first toured. UToledo has provided me with extensive opportunities for leadership development, to serve to the community, and have academic success. The support for student engagement was a huge deciding factor in ensuring UToledo was right for me. I wouldn’t trade my education or time at UToledo for anything!"

Meet Rachel Larmer

'22, Dual Degree in Doctor of Pharmacy and MBA

“I can honestly say I am so happy I made the decision to come here (over 700 miles from where I grew up) because everything I saw as a prospective student held true. Everyone is so supportive and dedicated to the students. UToledo was actually the only college I applied to!”

Meet Dyamond Dieudonne

'21, BSPS in Cosmetic Science and Formulation Design

“There are so many things we can do with this degree. It’s a very unique program and it’s very personalized. You can definitely make it where it feels like it’s geared toward you as an individual.”

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Last Updated: 2/12/24