Student Legal Services, Inc.

Welcome to Student Legal Services!

Student Legal Services  is a general practice law firm situated on the Main Campus of The University of Toledo in Room 3504 Lancelot Thompson Student Union.   We provide licensed attorneys to UT students to advise and/or represent them in their personal legal matters. 


               Thank you for contacting Student Legal Services, Inc. - your on campus law firm.

                WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE that Student Legal Services, Inc. has resumed our regular operations and we continue to be  available to help, counsel and represent students in resolving their personal legal matters.  You may contact us between the hours of 9:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at (419) 530-7230, Mondays - Fridays.  If you are calling outside of these hours, please leave a detailed message on our voice mail, including your full name, rocket number and telephone number.  Your call will be returned at our earliest convenience.

          Please note that due to continuing concerns about the safety of our staff and clients,  we are offering students the opportunity to meet with staff either over the phone, by Zoom or WebEx or in person. If you elect to come to the office in person, please note that based upon UToledo's Covid-19 Protocols, individuals who are fully vaccinated, meaning two (2) weeks have passed since receiving your final dose of a Covid-19 vaccine are no longer required to wear a mask while on campus.  However, individuals who are not fully vaccinated should continue wearing masks while on campus and maintain physical distancing of 3 feet in the classroom and 6 feet elsewhere. We appreciate your co-operation and remember that we are here to serve you.

          Also remember that this is an evolving situation so there may be additional changes in our operation.  Feel free to check back here for any updates about our operations. Thank you again and  we look forward to assisting you in resolving your legal matter.


There are three (3) main reasons why you should pay the legal services fee:

1. Experienced Licensed Attorneys to assist you:

Student Legal Services Inc. provides access to licensed attorneys who can assist you in the following types of legal matters:

  • Consumer issues (debt collection, contracts, credit disputes, lemon law or warranty claims, defective-item repairs);
  • Landlord/tenant issues (leases, conditions, evictions, security deposits, collections);
  • Misdemeanor criminal and traffic matters (speeding, OMVI, underage consumption, disorderly conduct, etc.);
  • Probate matters such as wills, name change, step-parent adoptions;
  • Expungements or petitions to seal records;
  • Employment and unemployment matters;
  • Uncontested divorces or dissolution of marriage actions (no children or property involved);
  • Accident cases (property damage claims and/or minor personal injury)

Court representation is limited to legal matters pending in courts located in Lucas County, Ohio.  Additionally in cases involving legal issues not handled by Student Legal Services, students will be referred to other agencies that may be able to assist the student. 

The University of Toledo Student Legal Services Program also maintains a working relationship with other Student Legal Services Programs within the state of Ohio at BGSU, Kent State, Ohio State, Ohio University and Wright State University) and may be able to assist students needing representation in those communities as well.

2. Price

Students are automatically assessed the $ 10.00 per semester legal services activity fee at the time they register for classes each semester.  For this basic fee, eligible students are entitled to open three (3) files each semester.  Additional fees will be assessed for the fourth (4th) and any successive cases opened each semester.   The legal services fee is voluntary.  Students may elect not to pay the fee and therefore waive their right to participate in the Program.  With the cost of hiring a private attorney in the Toledo area ranging from $100 to $500 per hour, students waiving or "opting out"  of the legal services program could find themselves hit with significant legal fees if a legal issue or problem arises.  Students who do not pay the legal services fee are not eligible for services. 

The legal services fee covers all of the services provided by the Legal Services Program such as office consultations, review and preparation of documents, representation in court and/or administrative proceedings, negotiations, and/or referrals.  Students electing not to participate in the legal services program must "opt-out" beginning at the time of registration through the add/drop period for the term via the MyUT portal.  

 Summer Semester Eligibility: Students who are not enrolled for the summer term can still elect to have access to Student Legal Services, by making that election during Spring Semester Registration. 

Options during spring registration:

  • Do nothing, in which case you will be billed $20 and will be eligible for legal services for spring and summer terms;
  • Opt out for summer only, in which case you will be billed $10 and will have legal services only for spring; or
  • Opt out for both spring and summer, in which case you will not be billed and will have no access to legal services.

Students who take summer classes:

  • If at the time of spring registration, you opted out of Student Legal Services for summer, you will again have the opportunity to purchase the services for  $10 during summer registration. If you do not want legal services, you should check the appropriate box to opt out.
  •  If you already paid $20 in the spring to cover both spring and summer, then you will not be billed again. You are already covered for summer.

Please note that if you are not planning to enroll in summer, your only opportunity to purchase legal services for the summer will be at the time of spring registration.

3. Location, Location, Location
  • Student Legal Services is conveniently located in the heart of Main Campus. We are in room 3504 Lancelot Thompson Student Union.  There is no need for students to leave campus or their coveted parking space to meet with an attorney. To obtain services, please contact us at 419.530.7230 or personally come to the office to request assistance in resolving your legal matter.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website does not constitute legal advice, nor is it intended as a substitute for legal advice. UT students who have questions concerning the law or their legal rights may contact Student Legal Services, Inc. to arrange an appointment.  In order to maintain the confidentiality of your legal matters we request that you do not send us e-mails about your case or to request legal assistance.  Please contact us by phone or in person.

Last Updated: 9/13/23