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The purpose of Student Legal Services, Inc. is to provide prompt, efficient and high quality legal service to UT students who enroll in the Student Legal Services program.  Legal assistance includes providing students access to information concerning their legal rights, private consultation and representation in their individual legal matters.


The program is funded solely from the Student Legal Services fee which is $10.00 per student per semester. The $10 legal services fee is automatically charged when your register for classes, although you can opt our of the services by using the myUT portal.   Students not enrolled or taking classes during the Summer can still utilize our services if they elect during their registration for the Spring Term to also accept legal services for the Summer.  This ensures coverage during the summer term even if you are not enrolled for the summer.

Options during spring registration:

  • Do nothing, in which case you will be billed $20 and will be eligible for legal services for spring and summer terms;
  • Opt out for summer only, in which case you will be billed $10 and will have legal services only for spring; or
  • Opt out for both spring and summer, in which case you will not be billed and will have no access to legal services.

 Students who take summer classes:

  • If at the time of spring registration, you opted out of Student Legal Services for summer, you will again have the opportunity to purchase the services for  $10 during summer registration. If you do not want legal services, you should check the appropriate box to opt out.
  • If you already paid $20 in the spring to cover both spring and summer, then you will not be billed again. You are already covered for summer.

   Please note that if you are not planning to enroll in summer, your only opportunity to purchase legal services for summer will be at the time of spring registration.

No additional attorney's fees are charged for the basic services rendered by Student Legal Services.  Students are, however, responsible for all court costs, filing fees, etc.  associated with their respective case.


Student Legal Services offers UT students four (4) major services: Advice, Representation, Referral, and Education.

Student seeking legal information and advice can get answers at the Student Legal Services office. ADVICE ONLY (no court representation) will be provided in the following types of legal matters:  Bankruptcies, Personal Injury, Real Estate Purchase/Sale, Discrimination, Victim Rights

Student Legal Services attorneys represent students in judicial or administrative proceedings where the presence of an attorney will have a significant impact.  Court representation is limited to matters filed in Lucas County, Ohio. 

Additionally, if eligible UT students have legal matters pending in the Bowling Green Municipal Court, they may be eligible for referral to and representation from the Bowling Green Student Legal Services program at no additional cost.  Affected students should contact us to see if they qualify for this additional benefit.  

Student Legal Services sponsors a variety of lectures, workshops and seminars concerning relevant legal issues throughout the year. Through these programs, students will become acquainted with their legal rights and responsibilities as citizens. As an educational tool, the legal services will strive for a legal educated and more responsible student body.

Student Legal Services will provide referrals to other agencies to eligible participants in legal matters not covered by the legal services plan.

Students with the following types of legal matters will only be entitled to information and referral services:

  • Matters involving administrative agencies such as Social Security, Workers' Compensations, Veteran's Benefits, Welfare Benefits, etc.
  • Contested Domestic Relations matters such as Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Parentage, etc.
  • Guardianships (Minor and/or Adult)
  • Parking Tickets
  • Felony Criminal/Traffic Offenses
  • Copyright, Patent and Trademark matters
  • Immigration matters
  • Medical and/or Legal Malpractice matters
  • Probate of Estates
  • Matters in which a student is acting as the proprietor of a business
  • Taxes


DISCLAIMER: The information on this website does not constitute legal advice, nor is it intended as a substitute for legal advice. UT students who have questions concerning the law or their legal rights may contact Student Legal Services, Inc. to arrange an appointment.  In order to maintain the confidentiality of your legal matters we request that you do not send us e-mails about your case or to request legal assistance.  Please contact us by phone or in person.

Last Updated: 6/27/22