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UT Police Community Relations Anonymous Survey

We invite our community members to participate in the 'UT Police Community Relations Anonymous Survey.' This survey will help us to better serve members of our community by hearing your input and suggestions. Please click on the image below to take the anonymous survey: 

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Welcome to The University of Toledo Police Homepage

Welcome to The University of Toledo Police Department (UTPD) website. We have designed the website to deliver the latest safety and security information to our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Please spend some time educating yourself on safe choices and best practices and let us know how we are doing. Thanks for visiting our website and for other UTPD safety information please visit us on our Facebook site and follow us on Twitter.

Latest News

UTPD Announces an Online Complaint or Compliment Reporting Process
By Deputy Chief of Police Rodney Theis

A well-constructed complaint and compliment process is an integral tool in community-police relations. There is a significant impact when a community knows and understands its concerns can be legitimately addressed in a proper setting.

Further, officers can be better served when they can refer aggrieved individuals to a trusted process. Neither officers nor community members benefit from attempts to have concerns addressed and redressed during a traffic stop or in the midst of an incident. It may prove beneficial for law enforcement agencies to reach out to community members in an effort to publicize, promote and develop processes that are mutually beneficial to all.

As a result, UTPD has implemented an online reporting form to serve as a mechanism for citizens to report a complaint or compliment. CLICK HERE to review an overview of this process and the reporting form.

UTPD 2018-19 Community Engagement Events Announced
By Lt. Tressa Johnson

The programs listed below are among a few events UTPD has launched for fall semester 2018 and continuing into 2019. A complete listing of times, dates, and locations are listed for each respective event. Click on the links below for the programs being offered:

50th Anniversary Celebration of The University of Toledo Police Department
Pizza with Police
Run, Hide, Fight !
Self Defense & Personal Safety

UTPD 2017 Police Operations Annual Report Released
By UTPD Staff

The 2017 Police Operations Annual Report has been released. CLICK HERE to see this report. 


UTPD Announces Educational Resources for Violent Intruder Encounters 
By UTPD Staff

Active Shooter Preparedness Web Site (DHS): 

Options for Consideration - Active Shooter Training Video (DHS)

Active Shooter Preparedness Pocket Card (DHS)


Last Updated: 7/16/19