University Police


The Field Operations Bureau provides 24-hour uniformed police services to all three campuses and represents the core of the University of Toledo Police Department’s (UTPD) mission. The UTPD serves a population of more than 30,000 students, faculty, staff, employees, patients and visitors, making UTPD one of the most active police departments in northwest Ohio.

Being a police officer requires a person who possesses a professional demeanor, exceptional judgment and the right disposition. UToledo police officers have been carefully selected through a comprehensive selection process and have demonstrated knowledge and skill through a rigorous field training period. In addition to providing excellent police services, officers continue to train and gain knowledge throughout their career.

All UToledo police officers are sworn State of Ohio Peace Officers commissioned by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. UToledo police officers are the primary first responders to all police calls for service on all three campuses and have full authority to take action on any observed violation off campus. It is not uncommon to see university officers enforcing laws both on and off campus, committed to making UToledo a safer community for everyone.

Police Traffic Stop

Last Updated: 9/21/22