University Police

About UT Police

The University of Toledo Police Department (UTPD) provides 24-hour patrols of all University residence halls, academic buildings, on-campus Greek housing, grounds, and parking lots by foot, mountain bike, ATV, and vehicle patrol.

Located at the corner of Dorr St. and Secor Rd., the department employs over 30 full-time officers commissioned by the state of Ohio. All officers have full enforcement authority and responsibilities same as that of local police and sheriff departments.

Services and Programs

The UT Police Department offers a wide-range of services and programs, including:

Mission Statement

The University of Toledo Police Department is dedicated to providing excellence in service to the campus community. We shall strive to insure a safe, secure and pleasant atmosphere, conducive to a positive social and educational process, in our law enforcement efforts to protect the University community.

Policing Philosophy

Seven Core Elements

  1. Develop a true police community partnership.

  2. Practice an open police management style.

  3. Establish a problem solving orientation.

  4. Facilitate citizen involvement.

  5. Promote permanent ownership of patrol areas.

  6. Prepare police officers to serve as community leaders and resource organizers.

  7. Maintain a personal relationship between police officers and members of the campus community.

Our continuing goal: To improve the quality of life on campus.

Bureaus and Offices

Campus police is comprised of the Office of the Chief of Police and the following bureaus/offices:

Organizational Chart

The UTPD Organizational Chart

Partners in Policing

The UTPD has a close working relationship with local, and federal law enforcement agencies. We have mutual aid agreements with the Toledo Police Department, the nearby village of Ottawa Hills Police Department, and the Lucas County Sheriffs Office. Information concerning crime, summaries, trends and other analyses is shared with these agencies as well as others in Northwest Ohio on an ongoing basis.  

Training Standards

UTpolice officers have met or exceeded the training standards of the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council. They also receive ongoing in-service and specialized training in first aid, CPR, firearms, defensive tactics, nonviolent crisis intervention, human diversity, legal updates and other pertinent areas. Several Officers are certified instructors.

To Protect and Serve

UTpolice officers enforce state and local laws and University regulations governing underage drinking, the use of controlled substances, weapons, and other incidents requiring police assistance. They are also responsible for public services, such as crime reports, medical and fire emergencies, and traffic accidents.

Community Oriented Policing

The University Police Department’s philosophy of policing is centered around a cooperative working relationship with the campus community. The goal is to help one another strive toward a safer community environment by setting mutually agreed upon objectives to solve problems, and to continually improve the quality of life on campus.

Last Updated: 9/21/22