University Police

Be Secure

Building/Office Security:  

  • Don’t prop open building/residence hall entrance doors/windows. Rectify these situations when you observe them.
  • Don’t leave keys unattended or give them to unauthorized persons.
  • Immediately report lost keys or ID cards to the appropriate office.
  • Secure all sensitive material/information when not able to attend to it.
  • Secure sensitive deliveries in a timely manner.
  • Secure all areas when not attended. Make sure doors to loading docks and emergency exits are not propped open.
  • Be aware of unfamiliar persons in, or visitors to, your office, lab, etc.
  • Protect access codes and combinations and change codes regularly. Report compromised codes immediately.
  • Secure your laboratories, studios, darkrooms, and other areas people should not be in when unattended.
  • Be sure to keep building doors and windows locked when the building is closed and not open for business.
  • Do NOT allow 'tailgaters' to enter facilities behind you.





Last Updated: 7/15/24