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University Police - Fingerprinting Services
Transportation Center – Room #1307
1515 South Towerview Boulevard
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Overview and Pricing:

The University of Toledo Police Department (UTPD) offers a fingerprinting service for students, faculty and staff needing background checks. We offer Ohio BCI&I and FBI electronically through the National Webcheck program. The cost of fingerprinting is: Ohio BCI&I only: $35 / FBI only: $45 / Both BCI&I and FBI: $65. If a print card is needed, the cost of a print card (rolled out inked prints) is $15 for up to 3 cards.

When arriving for your appointment, please be sure to bring your government or state-issued identification card (e.g., Driver’s License, passport).

Schedule a Fingerprint Appointment Online: To schedule an appointment for a fingerprint background check with the UTPD Fingerprint Office, click on the below link:

Online Appointment Calendar

Method of Payment Accepted:

Cash (please bring exact amount - change may not be available)
Checks (made payable to The University of Toledo)
Credit/Debit Card Payment: CLICK HERE

WebCheck Fingerprint Authorization Form (Required):
The WebCheck Authorization Form is required to be completed prior to fingerprinting. Complete the authorization form; print; and bring with you on the day of your appointment. Click on the below link to complete the authorization form:

WebCheck Fingerprint Authorization Form

University of Toledo Offices, Agencies, and Departments  – Notice of Audit Requirements:

Any individual who had a fingerprint background check by a University of Toledo office, agency, or department may request the results of that check. Each time the University provides results of a background check, the University must record the release of that check on a ‘BCI & FBI Dissemination Log.’

At the end of each fiscal year the University office, agency, or department must then forward the Dissemination Logs to the UTPD Fingerprinting Office as required by law. Click on the below link to find a blank copy of the BCI & FBI Dissemination Log:

BCI FBI Dissemination Log

Send to:
University Police - Fingerprinting Services
Transportation Center – Mail Stop 207
1515 South Towerview Boulevard
Toledo, Ohio 43606

Copy of BCI Background Check:
If a person wishes to receive a copy of their Ohio background check, please read and complete the following forms:

Request for a copy of a Background Check (Procedures)

Exemption from Electronic Fingerprinting Submissions:
If you are an individual who has tried but has not been able to successfully submit their fingerprints electronically, please read the below information and complete the following forms:

1. Request for exemption from electronic information sheet (instructions)
2. Request for exemption from electronic fingerprint submission requirement

FBI Rap Sheet Request:
To request an FBI Rap Sheet please complete the following form and submit completed requests to Ohio BCI&I:

Request for Release – FBI Rap Sheet


Last Updated: 9/13/19