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Frequently asked questions

The following are a few of the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive each day. If you have a question other than the ones listed here, please do not hesitate to contact the UTPD either via the Feedback link, or by phone, at 419.530.2601.

Q: How do I get a copy of a report I filed with the UT Police?

A: In order to get a copy of a report you have filed with UT Police, you may either fill out our online report request form, or come to the police station and fill out a brief form requesting a copy of the report. A copy of the report will be ready approximately five (5) days after the request is filed. The cost for a copy of the report is 50 cents. If you need the report for insurance purposes, you are encouraged to have your insurance company file the request on your behalf.

Q: I need to be fingerprinted, do you do that?

A: Yes, we do. See our page on our fingerprinting service for more details.

Q: I need a background check performed, do you do that?

A: Yes, but within certain limits. UT Police will perform a check of its own records free of charge, to see if you have been a victim, suspect, or arrestee in a report we have filed; however, our operating agreements and state laws prohibit us from doing a more in depth check for the general public. People who need a state background check should submit a fingerprint card to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI&I). 

Q: My car has been towed, what do I have to do to get it back?

A: You must go to the UT Police station in the Transportation Center, Dispatch Center, to get a release for the vehicle. You MUST bring proof of ownership and a form of photo identification. If the vehicle is registered in your name, your photo identification alone will be proof enough of ownership.

If the vehicle is going to be claimed by someone other than the registered owner, the person MUST have the same last name and address as the registered owner -- OR -- have a notarized statement from the owner authorizing release of the vehicle to the claimant. In both cases, the claimant MUST provide photo identification.

Once you have obtained the UT Police vehicle tow release card, you will have to take it to the appropriate tow company and pay the towing and storage fees before the vehicle will be released to you.

Q: I received a ticket, now what do I do?

A: You will first need to determine what type of ticket you have received. The University of Toledo and its agents issue three (3) visibly different tickets or citations. 

The first and most commonly issued is a white and blue piece of poly-thermal paper on which a hand-held device has printed the violation information. This is a University of Toledo Parking Citation. You must either appeal the ticket within thirty (30) days of the date of issue, or pay the fine. For more details on these tickets, check the Parking Enforcement web page.

The second most commonly issued ticket is a yellow paper University of Toledo Notice of Violation. The information on these tickets is hand written by the issuing officers. UT Police officers use these tickets when writing parking tickets, or when citing a driver for a moving violation under University regulations. You must either appeal the ticket within thirty (30) days of the date of issue, or pay the fine. For more details on these tickets, check the Parking Enforcement web page.

The third type of citation issued is pink in color. It is a State of Ohio Uniform Traffic Affidavit. These are only issued by sworn law enforcement officers, including UT Police officers. If the green box on the face of the ticket, just above the court date is checked, you MUST appear in the listed court on the listed date. If this box is not checked, your appearance is optional. You may go on the listed date to contest the ticket, or you may contact the Toledo Municipal Court Clerk's Office and find out how to pay the fine. The phone numbers for the clerk are listed on the back of the citation.

Q: When someone is arrested by UT Police, what happens to them?

A:When UT Police take someone into custody they are usually transported back to the UT Police station for processing. They will be kept in an interview room while the officer completes the appropriate paperwork. 

If the officer has arrested the person on an outstanding warrant from another agency, one of three things may happen: 1) the person will he held at the UT Police station until a crew from the originating jurisdiction arrives to take custody of them; 2) UT Police will transport the person to the Lucas County Jail, where they will be booked on the outstanding warrant; 3) the person may be given a new court date and issued a summons at the police station, and then released.

If the person was detained for something other than a warrant arrest, oftentimes the prisoner will be transported to the Lucas County Jail, where they will be booked on the charges the officer files. If someone has committed a misdemeanor offense, instead of being transported to the jail, they may just be issued an All Purpose Citation (APC), assigned a court date, and released from the UT Police station.

Last Updated: 6/30/19