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Employment Opportunities

The University of Toledo Office of Public Safety employs nearly 100 police officers, security officers, dispatchers, civilian staff, and student workers. Information, including job requirements, pay, and benefits are listed below.


CLICK HERE for the Law Enforcement Officer Career Brochure 
The University of Toledo Police Department
National Testing Network Link: 

The University of Toledo Police Department (UTPD) is announcing the recruitment of qualified professionals for the position of University Law Enforcement Officer (ULEO). Recruitment for this position will create an active eligibility list for current vacancies and for any future positions that may become available.

All testing must be completed on or before: ONGOING

In addition to NTN testing, all candidates must complete the NTN Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ). You may access the PHQ through your NTN candidate account.

Salary Information: $50,678 to $51,614 (starting annual salary depending upon shift assignment). Up to $65,254 after four years of service upon reaching Senior Patrol Officer status. 

Physical Fitness Examination:

A physical fitness examination will be administered to candidates who successfully complete the NTN examination based on ranking and the number of position openings. If you are selected for this examination, you will be notified by electronic mail of the date and time of the examination.

Testing will take place at The University of Toledo Public Safety Center (University of Toledo Police Department - Ohio State Highway Patrol Building on the Main Campus) - 3333 Dorr Street – Toledo, Ohio 43607.

Candidates should wear comfortable clothing conducive for physical fitness testing.  No candidate will be permitted to participate in the physical fitness examination if his/her physician release form for the examination is not completed by his/her physician. Click here for the physician release form. 

Graded Exercises and Minimum Requirements (
Practicing for the fitness examination is highly encouraged)



Push-Ups (Unlimited)


Sit-Ups (Timed One Minute)


One Repetition Maximum Bench Press

.61 Ratio (body weight multiplied by .61)

300 Meter Run

64.7 Seconds

1.5 Mile Run

15:14 Minutes

Fitness Results:

Fitness Examination test results will be known by the candidate at the conclusion of the physical fitness examination. Upon completion of this examination and based on ranking, you will be notified of the next phase of the ULEO selection process.

ULEO Overview and Selection Process Phases 

Click on the following link for more information: University Law Enforcement Officer

POLICE DISPATCHER (Part-Time / 30-Hours)
CLICK HERE for the Police Dispatcher Career Brochure 
The University of Toledo Police

Direct Application Link: CLOSED

Candidates must be 18 years of age; have a high school diploma or equivalent; have excellent public relations skills; have 4 months training and/or experience as a radio dispatcher with like duties for law enforcement agency; ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and to read and write simple sentences; and must be eligible for certification to access information from law enforcement databases. 


The University of Toledo Police Department
Attn: Recruitment
3333 Dorr Street - Mail Stop 890
Toledo, Ohio 43607

Police Dispatcher Overview and Selection Process Phases 

Click on the following link for more information: Police Dispatcher

Student Employment Opportunities  

The University of Toledo Police Department employs students for 'Night Watch' (safe student escorts) and the Fingerprint Office. 

Click on the following link for more information: Student Employment


Last Updated: 1/12/21