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The following is a partial list of the 65 active organizations that serve students affiliated with the Health Science Campus and are sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs. Unless otherwise noted, questions about specific organizations may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs.

All student organization members and their advisors must read and abide by the Student Organization Handbook. Potential new student organizations/interest groups should contact OSA to inquire about any proposed student organizations prior to informally meeting/organizing. Please note:  many student interest groups/organizations are all encompassing and it is not always possible to grant requests to form specifically tailored organizations.

Student organization handbook  

MeetingS and EVENTS for the academic year

  • Until further notice, OSA will only be processing virtual events and meetings submitted through the Involvement Network (Invonet).
  • An email will be sent to student organization leaders once the in-person event registration process is open for the next academic year.
  • Resources to conduct virtual meetings can be found on the HSC Invonet page under documents.


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Students, log in to Invonet to connect and communicate with student organizations across the University.


Student Government & Leadership

Medical Student Council  (MSC)
Medical Student Council is the student governing organization for the University of Toledo College of Medicine. Representatives are selected positions. Student Body is invited to attend the general sessions. Every class is represented on the Council by seven representatives. In addition, students elect peers to serve as liasons to various committees, such as Financial Aid, Curriculum, Graduate Student Council, and several others. Class representatives primarily serve as advocates for the student body to the administration. These students attend monthly meetings and are responsible for planning and executing social events, educational programs, and addressing student concerns. Special events organized by the MSC include the annual College of Medicine Talent Show and the Legacy Lecture.


Association of American Medical Colleges - Organization of Student Representatives (AAMC-OSR)
The OSR is the student branch of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). The AAMC is comprised of, and represents undergraduate and graduate medical education in the U.S. The OSR is comprised of representatives from each of the 125 allopathic medical schools in the United States. Each class at the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences has one representative elected in their first-year to serve a four-year term. Student representatives are chosen via an application and interview process by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Dean of the College of Medicine with input from current OSR representatives.

The AAMC is dedicated to the improvement of the nation's health through the advancement of academic medicine. The OSR, therefore, works in conjunction with the AAMC to strengthen the quality of medical education and training. Additionally, the OSR provides an excellent route of communication among students from medical schools all over the country. At national and regional conventions, students (with faculty members) discuss topics such as student advising and career counseling, sexual harassment, various curriculum options, financial aid, multi-culturalism and health care reform.

Medical Student Ambassadors (MSA) 
UTCOMLS Ambassadors assist the Office of Admissions in the recruitment of prospective medical students, participate and assist with events set forth by the Office of Admissions, including Pre-interview Meet and Greets, Interview Visit Day Campus Tours, Interview Day IISC Interactive Tours, Recruitment Events, On-demand Health Science Campus Tours, Second Look Saturday, Medical School Orientation, Keynote Speaker visits and Potential Donor visits.

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Campus, Community & Global Service

Community Care Clinic (CCC)
The CommunityCare Clinics (CCC) is a student organization dedicated to providing quality healthcare with dignity to the medically-underserved free of charge. CCC challenges students to practice principles of public health and be advocates for those without access to adequate healthcare. By promoting community outreach and health awareness, CCC strives to enable all people to practice their right to healthcare. The organization unites students from diverse disciplines toward a common vision of translating interdisciplinary teamwork into enhanced patient care--immersing students into a rich interdisciplinary environment to promote interprofessional team collaboration and vocational development through service-learning.

More information for students, volunteer, and patients at: and

Community Health for the Underserved
The primary purpose of this club is to support students pursuing a career in working with the medically underserved and explore the barriers that create a medically underserved group. Through this club and its associated elective course students learn about working with the underserved by shadowing physician mentors, meeting with local community organizations, and presenting on topics pertinent to working with the medically underserved.

Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS)
The local UTCOM chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS) was established in 2005 to help promote qualities of altruism, compassion, and service amongst medical students, residents, and attending physicians in the Toledo medical community. The society is composed of members from each third year medical school class, elected by vote from their peers in recognition of their selfless attitude towards patients and colleagues. The goal of the society is to improve the awareness of humanistic, caring medical care within our community and to give positive reinforcement to those who embody this spirit. Activities of the society include taking part in the National GHHS Solidarity Day (which resulted in our chapter giving flowers to hospital patients and health care workers this past year), recognizing outstanding resident and attending physician role models through the annual Student Clinicians Ceremony for third year medical students, group discussions of papers dealing with humanism in medicine, and service projects to connect members to the needs of the Toledo community. 

Scribe Program
A scribe is a medical student who would like to work in a clinical environment to gain early exposure to clinical medicine.


Service Club
The mission of the Service Club is to provide a way for the students, faculty, and staff of the UT Health Science Campus to become involved with community service and outreach programs, both on and off campus. Events include the "America Reads" program, Food for Thought, school supply donation collections, and volunteering at local food banks.

Students for Medical Missions (SMM)
The goal of SMM is to educate the UT community on global health issues, encourage participation in medical missions, and support scholarship funds for mission participation, including the Dorothy Price Scholarship. Events include planning and organization of the annual Medical Missions Hall of Fame Symposium and a variety of fundraisers for mission trips.

Student to Student (S2S)
This organization provides the opportunity for UT medical and allied health professions students to share their knowledge about a wide variety of health-related topics with local elementary, junior high, and high school students. Events include school tours of the anatomy lab and classroom presentations on a variety of health/wellness topics.


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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

APAMSA - Asian and Pacific-Islander American Medical Student Association
The objectives of the APAMSA include promoting health issues specific to Asians and Asian Americans; to promote cultural awareness among fellow students, colleagues, professors, and others in the UT community; to be active in the Toledo community; facilitating linking with other medical school groups both locally and nationally; linking with physicians in the area, conducting public health screenings, and promoting health issues through educational programs and speakers. Events include physician presentations regarding health issues in the Asian population as well as social gatherings.

Christian Medical Fellowship
The purpose of the Christian Medical Fellowship is to motivate, educate, and equip Christian medical, dental, and allied health care students to gain mutual strength, skill encouragement, and blessing. Events include Bible studies, physician presentations, and participation in a multi-faith interactive panel and discussion.

Health Education Across Latitudes and Longitudes (HEALL)
The Purpose of H.E.A.L.L. is to promote awareness of the intimate connection between social, political, and economic development issues and conditions of health and illness around the world.  We recognize the common bond of all people as part of the global human family and assert that all people have dignity and therefore deserve access to medical car - disregarding any other factors, specifically a person’s ability to pay for treatment.  We specifically acknowledge that poverty and greed are two of the greatest killers of all time, and will work to understand, alleviate, and end inequalities of all kinds through various avenues including education workshops, forums, rallies, fundraisers, documentary screenings and more.

Health Science Campus Muslim Student Association (HSC-MSA)
The mission of the HSA-MSA is to bring awareness and educate the student body about Islam. Events include educational presentations, MSA Movie Night, and participation in an interfaith panel discussion on medicine and religion.

Latino Health Association
Latino Health Association (LHA), a chapter of the Latino Medical Student Association in the Midwest region, welcomes all students from every background and course of study. LHA is an organization for those interested in Latino health issues in the United States and internationally, for those who have or will serve on a medical mission in Latino countries, those who would like to advocate for the rights of Latinos in healthcare regardless of immigration status, those who woud like to learn and practice Spanish, and those who would like to volunteer in the Latino community. LHA is also an organization about having some fun while celebrating Latino culture through traditions, stories, food, dancing, music and more. Events include community service events in the Toledo area, Latino Heritage Month activites, dances, migrant farm worker clinics during the summer, and more. All students are invited to join. 

Newman Club
The purpose of the Newman Club is to serve the special needs of Catholic students on the UT HSC. In addition, the Newman Club, like Corpus Christ University Parish, will serve as "a sign and instrument of the presence of Christ" on the HSC, local, regional, national, and global communities. As the Catholic student organization on the HSC, the Newman Club will have a unique purpose of educating the campus in hopes that all UT HSC health care providers will be culturally sensitive to and competent about the unique needs of Catholic patients. Events include an interfaith panel discussion, graduate student dinner at Corpus Christi, 3 Masses, and Stations of the Cross.

People of Every Orientation Promoting Liberty in Health Care (PEOPLE in Health Care)
PEOPLE in Health Care is dedicated to educating our fellow Health Science Campus (HSC) students, faculty, and community about LGBTQ health care issues. We provide support to students of all sexual orientations and their allies in the health professions and advocate for curricular reform to improve the quality of patient care. This message will be spread through talks on LGBTQ issues, sexuality workshops, social events, and health policy and curriculum projects. All students are welcome!

Physician Assistant Association of Minority Students (PA-AMS)
The Physician Assistant Association of Minority Students is committed to promoting the PA profession among minorities, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially mindful physician assistants. This goal will be accomplished by assisting in the recruitment, retention, and progression of under-represented students in the UT-Physician Assistant program while providing them with support, knowledge and a platform to the voices a new perspective of our profession.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
The SNMA is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent, and socially conscious physicians. Events include representing UT at various leadership conferences, an HIV/AIDS Walk and Gala, diversity dinners, minority health fair, and a health science professions mixer. 

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Professional/Specialty Groups

American Medical Association - Medical Student Section (AMA-MSS)
The objectives of the AMA/OSMA-MSS UT COM shall be to encourage and support the active participation of medical students in the OSMA and AMA, to provide a mechanism for asserting student opinion and ideals regarding organized medicine, and to support the purposes of the OSMA and AMA as stated in its constitution. Events sponsored by the AMA include a 5K run, presentations by physicians on topics relative to AMA issues, and a variety of social activites. Also, the UT AMA Affiliate hosted the 2012 Student Regional meeting.

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
The objectives of this organization is commitment to the improvement of health care delivery to all people; to promote the active improvement of medical education; to involve its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine; to assist in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; to contribute to the welfare of medical students, interns, residents, and post MD/DP trainees; to advance the profession of medicine; to work to ensure that medicine reflects the diversity of society, with diversity including but not limited to differences in age, culture, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, and disability. Annual events sponsored by the AMSA include the Medicine Ball and various fundraisers.

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)
The goal of AMWA is to address women's health issues in medicine and to educate both male and female students about those issues to prepare all physicians, regardless of gender, with encounters involving women's health concerns. Special interests include breast cancer survivorship, self-defense workshops, and domestic violence awareness.

Association of Women Surgeons (AWS)
The objective of the University of Toledo College of Medicine's Chapter of AWS is to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in surgery. We want to provide educational opportunities for our peers about the surgical specialties so they can have additional information regarding career options and surgical training programs. AWS aims to promote awareness of hardships involved in the surgical profession, while inspiring, encouraging, and enabling female surgeons to realize their professional and personal goals. We support an environment supportive of individual values and diversity, enhancing interactions among established surgeons and aspiring surgeons.

Complementary  Medicine Club                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               The purpose of the Complementary Medicine Club is to inform and educate students about various holistic, complementary, alternative, and integrative approaches to medicine and also to provide an opportunity to participate in selected therapies. These activities should help students become aware of the role of complementary medicine in patient health, and gain a greater appreciation of the benefits of complementary medicine while understanding its potential risks.  Contact email:

Emergency Medicine Club
The primary objective of this club is to educate students about the specialty of Emergency Medicine; provide information to students interested in Emergency Medicine training programs. This is accomplished through various programs and events, including IV/Intubation workshop, residency panels, EM Grand Rounds, and a Disaster Medicine speaker.

Family Practice Forum (FPF)
The purpose of this organization is to promote an interest, awareness, and understanding of the practice of Family Medicine among the students at UT HSC, and to encourage medical students to select a career in Family Medicine.

Geriatrics Club
The purpose of the Geriatrics Club is to make aware and to educate students of the importance of adult aging and development, including healthcare concerns of older adults and end-of-life issues. Events include physician presentations on geriatric related topics, as well as a Holiday Card Making party with local adult community centers.

Internal Medicine Club
The mission of the Internal Medicine (IM) Club is to provide information and education focused around careers in and/or branching from internal medicine, and to strengthen interest in the field of IM by increasing exposure. Events include educational presentations, residency panel discussions and "CDM Skills Exam" practice.


Interprofessional Organization of Healthcare Professionals (IOHS)
IOHS was founded in 2010 by two medical students who wanted to bring together students from different health science backgrounds. The main focus of the organization is to foster interprofessional relationships and learning. Events include the Dean’s Cup in the fall and a "Be The Match" bone marrow drive in the spring. Social events include movie nights, ice cream socials and cookouts. IOHS also hosts the interprofessional research grant competition through the university each year.

JD Michaels Physician Assistant Student Society (SAAAPA)
This society will pursue integrity, dignity, and competence for the PA as a health practitioner and member of the health care delivery team. Events include sponsoring an MD/PA panel discussion, clothing donation collection, Race for Victory Fundraiser, annual golf outing and the patch presentation for PA students for their white coats.

Neurology Club
The mission of the Neurology Club is to foster and explore the research and professional interests of the medical and graduate students at UT Health Science Campus in the neurological sciences. Events include co-sponsorship of presentations by physicians on such related topics as Parkinson's Disease.

OB/GYN Club - Obstetrics/Gynecology Club
The purpose of this organization shall be educating students about the subjects of obstetrics and gynecology. This will be accomplished by providing students with the information about careers in obstetrics and gynecology, educating students, promoting discussion about women's health issues and promoting interaction between the OB/GYN department and students. Events include HIV/AIDs awareness event, pelvic exam simulation, a "Second Chance Talk" on Human/Sex Trafficking, as well as various fundraisers.

Orthopaedic Surgery Club
The purpose of this organization is to extend knowledge gained throughout basic science courses provided by The University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences in the form of clinical exposure, journal clubs, and engaging in research in the Orthopedic Department. Secondary goals include preparing and enhancing pre-clinical medical students' didactic knowledge and practical skills that will result in competency during clerkship rotations. 

Pathology Club
The primary purpose of the Pathology Club is to educate students about options in the field of pathology. The club will also provide information about residency programs, summer opportunities, and the Pathology Fellowship Program at UT HSC.

Pediatrics Club
The main purpose of the Pediatrics Club is to provide UT COM students with exposure and education to various aspects in the field of pediatrics. Events include guest speakers, workshop, and volunteer opportunities. 


Psychiatry Club
The main objectives of the Psychiatry Club is to explore issues associated with the medical, psychological and social aspects of mental health and illness, and to promote the awareness and education regarding such issues among students. Events include presentations by mental health professionals and patients and movie discussion sessions.

Radiology Club
The purpose, aims, and functions of the Radiology Club is to allow students to learn about radiology residencies and radiology related fields. Events include review sessions for M1 students during anatomy, and residency panel discussions.

Sports Medicine Club
The goal of the Sports Medicine Club is to increase both the awareness of sports medicine as a subspecialty to medical students, as well as to the general healthcare public. This is achieved by offering presentations by physicians who are experts in sports-related as well as musculoskeletal injuries and hands-on workshops. Other events include volunteering at the Glass City Marathon and partnering with other student organizations.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)
The purpose of the SNA is to foster among the students an understanding and appreciation of their rights and privileges, duties, and responsibility as members of the nursing body at UT and BG; secure a closer working relationship with administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and the student body and to promote unification of the various student groups pursuing career goals in nursing through the College of Nursing. Events include attending the annual state convention held by ONSA, community outreach including adopt-a-family, and a meet-and-greet and bowling night.


Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)
The SOTA is dedicated to the goal of furthering the professional development of members and fostering mutual respect and communications between members and the professional community. Events include community service projects, fundraisers, representation at the American Occupational Therapy Association Assembly of Student Delegates at the annual conference, and a variety of social events.

Student Physical Therapy Organization (SPTO)
The mission of SPTO is to further professional growth of the physical therapy program at UT, as well as to the individual students. This organization helps to create, promote, and build friendship based on the common interests of the members. Events include APTA leadership conference, COBI leadership conference, involvement in the Glass City Marathon Health Fair, and other educational activities to promote awareness of physical therapy.

Surgery Club
The mission, purpose, and aims of the Surgery Club are to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in medicine, educate about surgical specialties, provide information regarding career options and surgical training programs, and to promote awareness of issues facing the surgical profession. Events include sponsoring a variety of presentations by experts on suturing, anesthesiology, plastic surgery and other surgery-related topics.

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Special Interest

Benjamin Rush Institute – UT Chapter
The Benjamin Rush Institute serves to provide a forum for ideas concerning health care to be exchanged freely, and to provide empirical, scholarly educational resources in order to better equip physicians and medical students to effectively promote and support the liberty of the doctor-patient relationship.

Business of Medicine
The Business of Medicine Organization is committed to educating students about the practical and financial aspects of working in the medical field. Through a variety of didactic and interactive learning experiences, we hope to increase students' understanding of the enormous impact of the business of medicine in preparation for practical application in the real-world setting.


Medical Humanities Club
The primary purpose of the Medical Humanities Club (formerly History of Medicine Club) is to educate health professional students about the rich and fascinating history of the medical profession, in order to foster deeper appreciation and understanding of the medical arts.

Medical Students for Choice (MS4C)
Medical Students for Choice is dedicated to ensuring that women receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices and to make reproductive health, including abortion, a part of standard medical education and residency training. Events include attending national conferences, guest speakers, a hands-on training session in miscarriage management, and working with a local abortion clinic.

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Wellness, Recreation & Arts

Medically Oriented Outdoor Situational Education Club (MOOSE)
The MOOSE Club exists to educate medical students about the fields of wilderness and disaster medicine and their relevance to modern medicine. Its goal is to increase the quality and quantity of medical school education on the practical and clinical skills of non-hospital setting medicine. Annual events include a ski trip with presentations by ski patrol officers, as well as a rafting trip.

Music Therapy
The mission of Music Therapy and its constituents "Docapella" and "Vocal Remedy" is to provide a vessel whereby persons of musical background, talent, or interest at the UT Health Science Campus might maintain their musicality through participation in either of two a cappella choirs. Annual events include a winter and spring concert for the UT community and other special events such as sporting events and College of Medicine Commencement. 

Student Wellness Organization
The mission of the Student Wellness Organization is to improve the health and wellness of future physicians in order to better serve and care for patients. We work towards this mission through physician panels on work/life balance and student mental health, monthly challenges promoting healthy eating, exercise, and weight control and talks on nutrition. We promote various health-related activities around campus and have worked with UT for healthy food on campus. Additionally we have organized free lunchtime yoga and cross-fit classes. We aim to make the transition to medical school an easier one, and promote behaviors that not only serve students, but their future patients. The best way to lead is by example. 

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