Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

safety mattersThe Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers experience in research under faculty guidance at all levels in CHEM 2910, 3910 and 4910. Students are encouraged to talk with faculty members about research participation and to consult with more than one faculty member about appropriate projects. A student who wishes to participate in research should obtain the consent of a faculty member who agrees to guide this work and the approval of a departmental undergraduate advisor before the first day of the first semester that he/she enrolls for CHEM 2910, 3910 or 4910. Students may enroll in the different courses, CHEM 2910, 3910 and 4910, with different faculty members.

Faculty and their research

You can also check out the link below for more information:

Research Opportunities at the ACS (Internships, co-ops, etc.)

Last Updated: 7/14/23